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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lolo's 2nd birthday

Lolo turned 2 yesterday.

Because Uncle J do not have a blog for Lolo, he has asked me to put up something for Lolo.

Mom has been busy lately and decided to bake a birthday cake for Lolo instead of buying her treats or toys.

Here is Lolo with her birthday cake. She look so sweet doesn't she and so 'lady' like?
but let me tell you, she is a tough cookie

Auntie S told me the main ingredient in her cake was lamb and since I could not afford to buy her a birthday gift, I have decided to offer her a dash of Pepper for the day (I am sure it will enhance the taste of the cake). ENJOY..... your present is right behind you.....the one with the glowing eyes

From Ginger & Pepper - "Have a Purrfect Birthday"
From ME - "Have a Pawfect Birthday"

Thanks for the party. Can I go to sleep now?

Even your brother, Chewie is tired


ice's slave said...

one silly question. can your cats be carried on the lap? i wonder what makes cats scratch humans? i do stroke stray cats quite often but i am still fearful that i may get scratched.. sounds lame

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Ice's slave

Sorry for the late response as I was away.

My cats can do 2 things - 1) they can jump up on anyone's lap (but I discouraged them) 2) they would love to be carried on to lap.

Cats only protect themselves by extending their claws if they are threatened. They normally don't scratch. For strays, approach with caution because they don't know if you are friend or foe.

By the way, no questions are lame or silly or stupid.

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