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Monday, October 30, 2006


Halloween is one of the oldest holidays dating back to thousand of years.


Halloween was celebrated at my house last Sunday. Welcome to the Halloween doghouse
halloween doghousedoghoust haunted

Mom got pumpkins back and together with Auntie Sam, they made pumpking treats for me and my friends. Do you know pumpkin is a fruit? It helps in the firming of doggies’ stool and also constipation ( a wonder fruit for both needs).

Put some tealight candles inside and see how beautiful it look.
pumpkin light

This is Rafv and I with some Haloween's stuff. I did't quite like the hairband - kinda look silly on me.
Haloween 002

Rafv was made to hold the basket and wear the pumpkin hat (Auntie Ryoko this is specially for you)
Rafv @ haloween

Where are the treats? - in the basket of course and I want to be closer. Can I please?
Scuba and Haloween 002

Yes and I had some and they were yummy. Great with the drinks, on the bar too. Hic Hic (Can doggies have alchohol?)
Scuba and Haloween 006

I think Herbie will post some of his pictures. Go read Herbie's blog

Friday, October 27, 2006

My new chair cum bed

Introducing my very own health chair, THE OGAWA Fujiiryoki.

Ogawa fujiiryoki

This chair comes with 24 air bags and 5 levels of strength adjustment (My body can only take the very mild strength).

It has the following features too:
1) Shoulder massage
2) Innovative pneumatic and mechanical synchronized massage function
3) Pneumatic Sole Massage (which I can never reach)
4) Innovative3D Mechanical massage (for customization)

Ok ok, what was my strategy to have mum get this for me?

1)The haze over Singapore has made me very very lazy (massage would do me good)
Hazy Spore

2)Posting that my friends have invaded my bed and I’ve got no where else comfortable to sleep.
Joey & Rafv

I have been a SUPER complainer always telling my mom that I don’t have a comfy device to lie on
Scuba speaking

3)Diving my fishy brother has been monitoring my swimming cum diving activities (I am struggling to get out of the water…..those muscles of mine are aching)
Swimming -almost there

Yippee. Hooray
Mum said this new massage chair is mine to lie on (Thank you mum heaps and I love you)
Scubs on massage chair

First, I have to learn how to work the remote control. It wasn't easy and I was getting frustrated
That is comfortable

But after a while (like all boys), I am use to it
Scuba on massage chair wz remote control

Just under 5mins, I am on my way to snoozeland. SILENCE !!!!
SnoozingSnoozing on health chair

I am convince that all doggies must have a massage chair

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Family Member

Like Jay and Jaffe, I have a new family member.
No, it is not a little puppy and neither is it a guinea pig. It does not have 4 legs

Here it is, let me introduce my (forever wet) brother, DIVING (Everyone at home think my brother should be call DIVING because I am SCUBA)

fighthing fish 006

Mom said we both have loads in common
1) we are fighters (hehe DIVING is a fighting fish and I am supposedly born to fight)
2) we live in our own little world
3) we are slow in our movement (to me that is conserving our energy).

Well !! Well !! I thought that was it. DIVING is to stay in his little tank. BUT NO – he has decided to teach me a thing or two about the water (aka the sea).

On his 3rd day with us, he decided to teach me how to jump and fly in the water.

Flying fish

I did not do very well with the jumping and the flying and always come up looking disgruntled

This weekend, it was walking on water

Surf & balance

Not bad – I think I can do that quite well.

Boy let me tell you, was I tired at the end of each exercise.

Don’t fool with DIVING.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Can I pleeeeeease have my bed back?

Dogs have their own personal comfort zone. It varies from dog to dog.

The humans like us have their comfort zone too and I believe they call it personal space.

I need my personal space in this case, MY BED.

I love my friends to visit or have them stay over, but I am not terribly excited when they take over my comfy bed.

They all seem to be attracted to my wee tartan print bed. WHY!! WHY!! WHY!!

My mom believe in generosity, good, proper upbringing so whenever my friends come over (and mind you, invade my bed), she always say,
“Its OK sweetheart, I would like for you to share your things. If they find comfort in your little bed, let them sleep on it".

Some pictures of my friends invading my bed;

Here are Huskee, Joey and Jack
Huskee visiting2
Prefer Scuba's bed
My new bed @ Scuba's

Well at least Bully is willing to share (hmmm I mean I am willing to share my bed with Bully – moi not so happy as you can see)
Scuba&Bully Sep061

How on earth can Rafv find comfort in my bed (he is just too big for it)
Sleeping on Scuba's bed

Well not only are the dogs interested.....but my siblings the cats too
Pepper my brother
Pepper in my bed
Ginger my sister
Ginger on my bed 003

So where do I sleep – on mom’s bed (pretty obvious isn’t it)
All curl up

I love all bed just like my friends love mine.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Live to eat / chew or being eaten / chew alive

When I was a pup, I was given a hamburger (unfortunately as a toy and not as food)

Scuba hungry

and I always have my favourite dingo bone to chew on
My dingo bone

...........and now that I am all grown up, my friends want to eat me.

Rafv, the Siberian Husky goes for my ears (there is a dish locally called 'kway chap' and they serve pig's ears)
Rafv going after my ear

Bully the Bull Terrier, after my hind legs (think she is eating 'ther kah' - another local favourite i.e. pig's trotters)
Bully's meal

The 2 Golden Retrievers after my face (oops not in any local dishes so not sure why GRs love my face)
Face massage
Face massage

I know I may look like a pig but that is no excuse for wanting to eat me.

(below is me praying) - Can someone out there please help me? I don't want to end up in any one's pot or dish.
Sscuba 'praying'

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Where do we go when one or both of our parents go away?

Scuba's house of course!!!!

Gee whiz was I busy trying (you see, I use the word trying, meaning attempting) to play or be a good host to all my friends.

August (beginning) - Tommy
His parents went on their honeymoon (gosh I am not sure this is the number what honeymoom maybe 5th) to Phuket, Thailand

August (end) - Jack & Joey
Auntie G went away for 4days to Bangkok, Thailand.

September - Bully
Her parents went away for a week ALSO to Thailand. I wonder if they were playing a a rock concert somewhere in Thailand

End September beginning October - Rafv and Buddy
Rafv's mummy went back to Japan. He sure miss mummy. He has decided to dream about her. Yes he has been really slack these days, sleeping all the time

Buddy parents were away. Buddy only come in the evening Buddy

Another end September beginning October stay over - Huskee
Huskee was made legitimate during this period. Yes his mama and papa finally got married. Congratulations Auntie S and Uncle M. Oh and also congratulation to Huskee too on your new status. So you are now Huskee Keebo Chan-Lee.
Huskee's ma, maid, grandma and grandpa were worried about Huskee's stay over coz he never ever stay away from his family.
After 3days with us, he didn't want to go home. He was so attached to Auntie S. Everywhere she went, he followed. Auntie S sure have a way with all my friends.


October - this is a scarry scarry thought. MOI
My mom is going away this weekend(where!!! need you ask - THAILAND. What is happening there?) Jack and Joey's HS were there before the coup, Bully's owner were there during the coup and now mom is going after the coup. MUST BE A CONSPIRACY.
Anyway mom, forget it, they have already found an interim Prime Minister.

Whose gonna look after me? Or whose house am I going?

If I have to stay over, can I please not go to Jack & Joey's house...please pretty please. "Dear God I promise to be a good boy. I will come when I am call. I will try not to be a statue at the park. Please god don't let mum put me at J&J's house. I can't stand the thought of SO LITTLE FOOD. If I have a choice, can I go to Herbie's. Thank you God"

Sentosa 23Sep Boy do I not look sad?

This is not the end. Come November, I am going to have Herbie
(hey Herb, how about a deal. I go over this weekend and you can come over in November when your parents go away). Herbie has now learn how to show his teeth. He has been getting special training.


I was horrified (you can see from the expression on my face) that my calm friend has learn the art of aggression. His Art of Aggression is taught by Rafv and Tommy

psssst Herbie told me last night, that his parents are going to China.