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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bienvenue aSingapour & a very warm (weather wise) welcome 2 Helios

Welcome Helios and I am soooooooooo wanting to see you.

Hip Hip Hooray to Helios who is coming Home to leave with Herbie.

I definitely will not see you this week because my mom is away in England.

Why is she in England – I don’t know? I am supposed to be English and shouldn’t I be in England???

If I ever go to England, I am hoping to see Princess Anne – she loves English Bull Terriers.

Back to Helios – I was told I can only come & play with you next week – oh no mom is away next week. I will ask Auntie Sam to walk me to your house or cycle there with me.

Lots of wet wet licks in advance

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Dog is still Man’s Best Friend

My friend Chewie was featured in yesterday’s national newspaper. I can’t read so I asked Auntie S to read and tell me what was written in the newspaper.

If you have been reading my blog, you will remember I posted about Chewie back in March last year. Time flies and I am glad there is closure. If you wish, the link to my short post last year:

Chewie ST
I am glad justice has been done for Chewie.

I am sure there are many humans out there who must have read the article. Some may be standing on Chewie’s and Uncle J’s side whilst some may do otherwise. That is ok for everyone is entitled to their opinion.

After his discharge from Doggie Hospital, Chewie came to my house to recuperate and I had been with him - talking to him trying to make him happy, until the day we went home. Our owners decided Chewie was not going back to his home to recuperate and convinced Uncle J to let him stay at my place. Uncle J agreed.
Not many people know but Mom grew fond of Chewie and was sadden the day Chewie went home.

Chewie discharged 3
His first week after discharged

Chewie can lie on his left side after spending a few months in the playpen.

If you have seen his condition, you will feel that NO DOG should be treated like that i.e. beaten by some sick psycho.

Why am I calling this person a psycho?

- how can a man have a female name as a surname ( joking)

- how can a normal person beat a living thing when he / she / it is defenseless (Chewie was tied to grille)

- how can a normal human ‘trick’ his future mother in law into paying for his petrol and meal (bet you guys didn’t know that. Chewie told me one afternoon. Chewie didn’t like the way his grandma was treated)

- how can a sensible man insist and demand that his future mother in law prepares his morning tea / coffee / breakfast for him.

- how can he continue to whack Chewie with the bamboo pole despite the neighbours shout - begging him to stop.

- How can he offer to buy Uncle J another dog to replace Chewie. For all parents – if your child have behavioral problems, how would you feel if someone says to you “give your child up, there are others in the orphanage. I will find you a better behave one”

- How can one be sure Chewie's aunt won't be beaten up if she ends up marrying him

For those human out there who do not know Chewie, let me give you a brief history. Chewie didn’t have a happy puppyhood. His first owners gave him up. Uncle J felt sorry for him and adopted Chewie. With Uncle J’s love, Chewie was able to socialise with other dogs.

During his recuperation, his close friends and their owners visited him everyday. Friends like Rafv, Joey, Jack, Tommy, Herbie and Buddy (and others whom I do not have their pictures)

Chew's friends

I can tell you even my feline siblings knew he was not well.

For all my human friends out there – please do not ASSUME if you don’t know the whole story.
My dear mom always say – MEDIA HYPE (don’t they get the facts right !!!!)

Just remember ASSUME is – to make a ASS out of U and ME

If anyone wants to know how Chewie is doing? He is doing great. Able to run and hop. He spent last Sunday with us at the beach and even attempted to swim.

He celebrated Christmas at my home last year.

Love, Scuba

Monday, March 05, 2007

This is the Year of the Golden Pig

Because of that Golden Pig (whoever she or he is), my mom went out to buy the Movie – Babe: Pig in the City and made me watch it with her.
Babe in the city (Blog)

She keeps saying “Scuba, look Babe and the Bull Terrier look so much alike… (minus Babe’s curly tail). At one stage, she keeps calling me Scuba Babe or Scuba Baby. I think the worst thing she has referred me to be, is “The Platinum Pig”. She said I am white (that’s platinum) and I look like a PIG.

Anyway, the movie taught me three things; COMPASSION, KINDNESS AND FORGIVENESS.

Greatest mistake – at the end of the movie, they refer us the English Bull Terriers as Pit Bulls.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated over 15days and yes, yesterday the 04th of March was the 15th day. Our owners decided to bring us to the beach (it was relaxing for them after 15days of visiting relations and friends and getting drunk and too much card games and mahjong)

Did I hear beach? HELP!! HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!! (Me squealing). NO SWIMMING PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!
Of course I was made to go in the water.

Do I look like I enjoyed the water? Noooooooooooooooo

After the water, I was allowed to do anything I like. So I decided I was going to run away before anyone put me back into the water.

...or maybe I can pass myself off as a dalmatian (look at those dalmatian spots. The dalmatian spots are very obvious on me when I am wet).

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dogs and Cats

I like to response to Rafv’s post in his blog about coming to my house and the first thing he does is look for my male sibling Pepper rather than MOI.

Well just be careful when you play rough with Pepper because he can be:

CATastrophe – great disaster when they don’t like you….watch out for those claws

CATerwaul – They scratch and you will scream

To be honest, sometimes Rafv thinks he is a cat. Maybe he is a cat in wolf’s dressing.

Rafv chatting with Pepper
I am serious, Rafv talks to Pepper all the time (especially when they are together in a corner)

Rafv, I heard your mummy wanted to bring Pepper home to keep you happy and worse, she may get you a kitten or a cat (for good). Before you are doom to have a feline as a sibling. I think you should tell your mummy the difference between dogs and cats

A dog thinks:
Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me... They must be gods!

A cat thinks:
Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me... I must be a god!

Dogs are faithful, affectionate, and courageous;
Cats are independent and are loners

Dogs concentrate on dominance and submission, play and are selflessly heroic. Dogs don’t put so much details in their surroundings
Cats are physically and mentally capable of exploring their surroundings in great detail.

To be fair to our human owners, studies have shown that pet owners are usually happier, compassionate, more independent and feel more secure than people without pets. Pet owners make friends easier, suffer less from loneliness and bounce back from grief faster. Pet owners are also more active and take better care of themelves. Bravo to our owners

So Auntie R, the more pets the merrier and it is ok for Rafv to have a feline sibling.

ps If you recall my last post and my last picture (cover the bits), my one and only female sibling Ginger, has to cover her face to sleep. Poor Girl
Ginger 001