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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am turning 4 this Monday

So what is the significance of 4 to me?

I am turning 4 on Monday
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4 means;
- 4 years old as I was born 25th June 2003
- 4th astrological sign of the zodiac for I am a Cancerian
- 4 legs to walk on
- 4 meals a day (I hope)
- 4 gras (yummy, wonder when can I have that French delicacy again)
- 4mage (and not forgetting the French cheese as well)
- 4get & 4give easily (learn from me)
- 4go & 4sake my toys (when friends come visit)
- 4iegn Godfather
- 4iegn nanny (that’s Auntie Sam)
- 4ever loving my mom
- 4tunate dog I am (loads of friends)
- 4bidden to chew my paws
- 4 is the only number for which the number of letters in its name is equal to the number of itself in the English language (HA after all I am English)
- 4 is the first “composite” number i.e. the first number that can be created from multiplying numbers other than itself (am I not intellectual?)

Well some things never change with 4
- 4 directions: north, east, south and west
- 4 Elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth
- 4 Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
- 4 sides to a square

So strong is that numero 4 that Auntie S & Uncle CL (Herbie & Helios’ parents), Auntie W and Uncle M (Tommy’s parents), Auntie G (Jack & Joey’s mom) and mom went to watch The Fantastic Four last Saturday.

4tunately, we were left on our own and we did have a ball.

4ever yours, Scuba