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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I think Scuba's suffering from that. Maybe it's coz his mummy keeps disappearing. Last night, we were at Sin Ming for dinner, and we were all leashed along the ledge on the wooden fencing. Scuba kept looking down the ledge. Aunty G said that he looks as if he wants to commit suicide, because it's a distance to the ground below, and his leash is short. Plus he is not as tall as me so his feet won't be able to touch the ground.

He was standing there looking for so long that I started to get worried. I've never heard of dogs commiting suicide. Aunty V, come home soon. I'll help you make sure Scuba doesn't jump off tall buildings in the meantime.

Monday, November 28, 2005

......very careless of me. I think I lost my mom again

Guys have you seen my mom? She came home about 8 days ago ( I think coz I asked Auntie S) and she is @*%^ bewitched @*%^........Gone

In fact, I hardly see her.

Can you believe this, she left on Friday morning (early), came home for half hour and guess what time I saw her next - (I am not joking) at 4.30am on Sat .................. she went out the whole night. Not only that, through my wee sleepy beady eyes, I saw her packing at 5am and whish she left at 9am - never saw her since.

Auntie S had put up the tree so not sure if mom is coming back for Christmas.

Here is my Christmas wish for Santa;
Santa, I have been a really good boy this year (not been involve in any fights) can I have my mom back (this time can you make her stay). That is all I want but but if you are generous and have a few treats to spare, I don't mind some as well (so I can share with my siblings and my friends).

p/s today is my lucky day. My friend Tommy came to play. I forgot to tell Uncle Marcus and Auntie Winnie that my Christmas tree have lots of golden balls. Hee hee - good luck to Auntie S for picking up and possibly throwing those golden balls.


Friday, November 18, 2005

My mummy is home

Auntie Ryoko told me 2 days ago that my mom will be back on Thursday. I can't tell the name of the days so it does not matter - all I know is mom is coming home soon.

Abracadabra, mom appeared yesterday after Auntie Sam had her food in the afternoon (I think these owners call it lunch). I was sleeping in the room when I heard the door open. So went to do what dogs do - see whose at the door and yes, I was a happy dog. There was mom (with my vegetable treat from Japan bought from HK).

Guess what - after kissing and hugging me (oops I think she forgot my siblings) she left 10mins later and I didn't see her again until the sky was about to get dark, to take Auntie Sam and I to park.

I don't mean to be showing off but I now have 4 outfits - I heard mom telling Auntie Geraldine and Auntie Sharon that I have LVs, Gucci and Burberry (like I care!!!! more treats will be good - at least I can share with Herbie and maybe Tommy). Outfits stops me from doing my fav stunt - leopard crawl.

I think I will be going to Herb's house tonight after park..............Herb - be careful my mom don't get you an outfit. She was told you didn't lick your hotspot (hehe just giving you a heads up).


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please don't bully (I am one am I not???) me when my mom is not around

Rafv, Jack, Huskee boy - you are all bad bad boys. You are all embarassing me. Rafv no more chicken for you when you come over. Jack ......I will tell your mummy that Sam do or try to give you treats and Huskee.........hmmmm now I know why your mum and dad left you behind.

Wonder when my mummy is coming home !!!!!!!. I never know coz she only tells Auntie S and not me. I only know when I see Auntie S put nice smelling liquid (I was told it is Mom's fav fragrance) in a burner with a candle (so dangerous these people).

Oh when she comes back, she always bring me treats from Japan. I tried to say domo but always comes out dogmore hehe only Auntie Ryoko understands me because she was the one who tried to teach me.

Herbie - the deal, you are on.

Ok enough of this, my paws hurt and time for my afternoon nap.


Monday, November 14, 2005

The Silent FART

I am writing this on behalf of Scuba as he claim that his fingers are too fat to type (yeah rite.. lazy bum)

Scuba says:

I am sure everyone knows grouchy old man, Jack rite? Well, many have said that he looks like my son (good grief). I must say that I am quite terrified at his bad temper as he is always yelling and screaming at me for no reason.

Anyway, I have been plotting to get back at him. And the chance came last night.

Auntie G came to pick Auntie Sam and I to the park. I then hatched a plan, and summoned all my internal stomache muscles to give a good, silent and deadly fart. My plan was to make everyone thinks that it is Jack who farted as he always, always farts (according to Auntie G and Joey). MMMMMMMM..... urrrgggggh...oh yes.... boooooooop... (there goes the deadly but silent fart)

after a while, Auntie G & Sam complained.. "who farted???" and wound down the windows for a full five mins. (hehe)
After a while Auntie Sam said.. "I think Scuba farted.. cos smelled like his". and Auntie G, agreed, "yes... Jack one does not smell like that.".

Damn..... can someone tell me does fart really have different smell? Can someone really differentiate whose dog fart what smell?

And I can hear Jack sniggering away.. luckily I had my eyes closed and head hunging down the seat..... damn .....

Ding Dong.... you've got visitors

Rafv and herbie came over on Saturday to play.

That greedy Herbie, only played for 5 minutes when he came in, then he went off after Aunty Sam into the kitchen. Aunty Sam gave him a rawhide and when I wanted to go over and sniff, Aunty S pulled me away. I wonder why they never let me go near Herbie when he is eating. Maybe they're afraid I will snatch his food away.

Aunty Sam told Aunty S that I've put on weight. Aunty S thinks that I'm gonna fight with Herbie for the heavyweight title... but I'm such a good boy. I never, ever fight. I'm supposed to be a lean, mean, fighting machine and people are all scared of my fierce looks. In actual fact, I'm a lean, mean, loving machine and I'm actually quite blur most of the time.

Hey! Who turned out the lights??

Anyway, back to Saturday, I'm glad that I don't have to give Herbie half my dinner. Aunty Sam made enough food for all of us. I was sooooo sleepy by night time that I did not even say goodbye when Herbie went home.

Herbie, hope you've had a wonderful time with me, I know I have. Come around soon!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Herbie's coming today

I heard from Mummy that Herbie will be coming this afternoon to play. Yeah! I've not seen Herbie for a few days and I miss him. Mummy found out that greedy Herbie is going to help Huskee so she told me to tell Herbie that if he protects me, Mummy will give him food when she comes back. Herbie is such a glutton! He gets distracted over food so easily! He's so not like me... I'm totally focused, and dedicated to any task at hand. Just look at me with plastic bags and you will know.

Anyway, so glad that Herbie's coming. It will be like the last time he came over to stay. Aunty S went on a Honeymoon (what's that? Honey on the moon? Must be yummy!) for 2.5 weeks last month and Herbie came to stay with me. It was just like a holiday camp for him, he says. We just eat, play and sleep whole day. Sometimes Rafv comes over too and we'll have a three-some.

I wonder if Rafv will come today as well...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Leopard Crawl

or in this case, it should be dog crawl. Scuba has this habit of dragging himself across the grass. He thinks he's an undercover agent or an army personnel just because his mommy lets him wear some camouflage shirts.

Yes Sarge!!

Actually, Scuba's mummy hates him dragging himself on the grass. I hear that he ends up with rashes and they have to apply calamine lotion for him. That's the problem when you don't have long silky fur like me to protect your tender belly. (Scuba: but you get hotspots, hiak hiak)

Stop rubbing it in about my hotspots! That's another story. This entry is about you! Anyway, it's funny to see Scuba's mummy and Aunty S scolding him and pulling him up by his harness or collar. Sometimes he even gets his ear pulled, like a naughty schoolboy! hahaha! Of course I try not to laugh in his face, but it is such a comical sight!

Caught red handed!

Scuba, if you'll give me half your dinner the next time I visit, I promise that I will be your look out. You can drag all you like and I'll give a warning bark once Aunty V and Aunty S comes near. Deal?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mummy's tearing her hair out....

... trying to set up my blog. At the nagging of Aunty G and Aunty S, she finally decided to help me set up my blog so that I won't be the only dog without a blog. But she got stuck... big time... and had to ask Aunty S to help. Thank you Aunty S for the very nice blog! *kisses*

I'm so happy to have my own blog, and like my home, it's open to my friends. Joey, Herbie and Rafv will help me post my adventures (and I'm sure they will tell on my embarassing moments too) so that Mummy, who is always away on overseas trip, can know what's happening to me.

That's all for now! Will post when something interesting happens!