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Friday, November 11, 2005

Leopard Crawl

or in this case, it should be dog crawl. Scuba has this habit of dragging himself across the grass. He thinks he's an undercover agent or an army personnel just because his mommy lets him wear some camouflage shirts.

Yes Sarge!!

Actually, Scuba's mummy hates him dragging himself on the grass. I hear that he ends up with rashes and they have to apply calamine lotion for him. That's the problem when you don't have long silky fur like me to protect your tender belly. (Scuba: but you get hotspots, hiak hiak)

Stop rubbing it in about my hotspots! That's another story. This entry is about you! Anyway, it's funny to see Scuba's mummy and Aunty S scolding him and pulling him up by his harness or collar. Sometimes he even gets his ear pulled, like a naughty schoolboy! hahaha! Of course I try not to laugh in his face, but it is such a comical sight!

Caught red handed!

Scuba, if you'll give me half your dinner the next time I visit, I promise that I will be your look out. You can drag all you like and I'll give a warning bark once Aunty V and Aunty S comes near. Deal?


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Scuba Too.. Huskee boy here.. why do u like to crawl on the grass so much? teach u something.. it's much nicer to crawl on mommy's bed... that's what i do all the time.. and u don't get hotspots too!!! wahaha! oh i forgot.. i am supposed to be jealous of you and not like you cos my wife loves you.. (hate u) now that u've started ur own blog (hate u), she's been reading it everyday (hate u) and commenting how cute u (hate u) and ur friends are!! (& ignoring ME in the process!!) (hate u) will pee on u when i see you.. hopefully not anytime soon... *evil grin showing teeth...crooked ones though*

Herbie said...

huskee: scuba got bodyguard one ok? You gotta get past Rafv before you can pee on Scuba. And I heard that Scuba mummy gonna get him more tees so that you can't pee on him.

Psst... I can be bribed.... gimme food and I will distract Rafv for you. You;ll have to figure out how to take out the tees yourself tho...