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Monday, November 28, 2005

......very careless of me. I think I lost my mom again

Guys have you seen my mom? She came home about 8 days ago ( I think coz I asked Auntie S) and she is @*%^ bewitched @*%^........Gone

In fact, I hardly see her.

Can you believe this, she left on Friday morning (early), came home for half hour and guess what time I saw her next - (I am not joking) at 4.30am on Sat .................. she went out the whole night. Not only that, through my wee sleepy beady eyes, I saw her packing at 5am and whish she left at 9am - never saw her since.

Auntie S had put up the tree so not sure if mom is coming back for Christmas.

Here is my Christmas wish for Santa;
Santa, I have been a really good boy this year (not been involve in any fights) can I have my mom back (this time can you make her stay). That is all I want but but if you are generous and have a few treats to spare, I don't mind some as well (so I can share with my siblings and my friends).

p/s today is my lucky day. My friend Tommy came to play. I forgot to tell Uncle Marcus and Auntie Winnie that my Christmas tree have lots of golden balls. Hee hee - good luck to Auntie S for picking up and possibly throwing those golden balls.



Rafv said...

Oops! You, scupe.. Your mummy will be back on 9th dec lah! (Aiya, how come you always so slow..)My M told me! hehe. I guess I know better than you about your M's schedule. I will let you know promptly next time so don't be sad for meanwhile. k? BTW, THAT night, my m also didn't pick me up... I heard they went out together... FYI.. Rafv

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