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Friday, June 30, 2006

“In dear” (where does mom want me to go – in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the closet)

I don’t know where my mom had gone to!!! Disappeared again. Leaving me at home. I'm Mr. Lonely again

Before she went away, there was something about her that didn’t make sense to me. I kept asking her where she was going and everytime, she says ‘in dear’ – Where does she want me to go? I am already IN the house. Does she want me to go in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen – yeah good idea.

Anyway, it was a short trip. She left on Wednesday and just got back this morning.

She told me she was in a country where animals are tolerated or in fact highly regarded. Something about them walking / roaming on very busy roads.

She showed me pictures of some of the animals but I still don’t know where she went or what dog breed they were. Well at least one of them look a bit like me.

How come these animals are not leashed in public?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Siberian Bull Pawty (24th June 2006)

Happy birthday to us Chewie, Rafv and I . Happpy birthday to US

No birthday is complete without the cakes. Yes indeed, 3 cakes for the 3 birthday boys ( I was told Rafv almost finished half his own cake whilst Chewie and I had to share ours – NOT FAIR). Jaffe’s Papa tried Chewies’ fruit cake too. Good for dogs good for human.

If you had read my previous post, you would have seen my birthday wish and Guess What, my wish came true ………Thunder (extreme right) whom I have not seen for ages came to the pawty. Oh I was so glad to see him. He got the most kisses from me.

As usual, the human wanted a doggie group photos (not many of my friends were coorperative) but then we tried……
My other friends who came were:

At the end of the party, my friends were given gift trays – compliments from the 3 birthday boys

The gift trays are filled with representation –
1) The numbers 3&4 you notice represents our age (4 for Rafv’s and 3 for me. Chewie’s 5, must be below somewhere)

2)The alphabets contain our names

3)Doggie shapes represents our friends

4) The star represents that all our friends are STARs

5) The round pattie represents my round butt wahahaha.

The goodies are all home cooked so I hope mom told everyone that it has to be refrigerated.

Thank you all for making us feel special yesterday.

Photos complements from Jaffe’s papa. Herbie’s mom and dad took some too which I will post later.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June – my birthday month

Yes indeed. I will be turning 3 this Sunday.

When I turned ONE, I celebrated my birthday with 2 Siberian Huskies (Rafv and Thunder). I wonder where and how is Thunder? I haven't seen him for a looooooong time. If I am granted one wish, I would like to see Thunder again.

Last year, it was only Rafv and I (we had a McDonald's kids party.....I am serious)

The odds are with (not against and not even) me this year. This year (3rd), I will be celebrating my barkday with 2 Siberian Huskies.

Rafv and I

+ Chewie

The theme this year is Siberian Bull Pawty.

Auntie S is busy doing cookies and treats for my friends. I am not kidding she is really doing treats (drying meat and other stuff)

Barkdays are not barkdays without the cakes. And I know mom is baking 3 birthday cakes this Saturday.

Rafv, Chewie and I have told our owners who we wish to see and play with on our barkday pawty and I wonder if they take us seriously. If we miss out other friends, please accept our apologies. It is not intentional.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Noise / Action / Thoughts

I do make pig sound, so say my mom and some of my aunties.

The sound I make is kind of a snarfling, snorfeling, and most time a grunting sighing noise like a pig. This is usually when I really want something, like attention or a treat.

You have all seen my leopard / commando crawl.

The action is call creeping, creepy crawls, commando crawl, G.I. Joe or Sneaky Snake. It’s an act of me dragging myself around the house using only the forepaws. Sometimes back and forth in one place. I stop once a while to scratch (this is really my distraction) See video of my in action.

This is very common in Bull Terrier. For whatever reason in our minds, we like to stand under things (especially if it tickle our heads or backs) for a long period of time. We don’t do anything, we just stand there kind of like posing or we also look like we are deep in thoughts.

Apparently, this is call TRANCING

I love doing all the 3 things and that's why I am a Bullie.
(I am definitely a Bull Terrier – as this is common in Bullies)