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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleep – my favorite subject

How much sleep do we need?

Hey we are dogs after all and may I add ALL dogs sleep when there is nothing else to do and that is what we do best - SLEEP. You can’t expect us to read a book, watch TV or waste our time on the computer (oops isn’t this what I am doing right now)

This article is dedicated to Auntie G – she laughed at me when I was in Snoozeland.

Like humans, we do have certain sleeping positions. And like them, how we sleep will determine the kind of doggie we are.

I am a bull terrier and I can only say this about myself. I like curling up to make myself like a ball, rest my little egg shape head on one paw, and then tuck my muzzle and nose and eyes under anything.
This position is what the human refer to as the Foetus. Apparently, this position described one as tough on the outside with a sensitive heart.
All curl up
Ha!! The one thing you don’t know is. Although this position may imply that we are sleeping hard but hang on, we are not. We may be more awake then you think.

I also enjoy sleeping on my back with four paws in the air. I promise you, I am not doing it just to look like a weirdo or what Auntie W said, I look like I am in rigor mortis. We have less fur on our tummies so when we fell hot, we tend to sleep this way – to cool us down

DSC00464 snooze 020

How about this one? When we lie back to back or side by side – we are simply bonding with one another. And when we are in this position, we are bonding with you. It is our way of showing affection and the desire to be with other dog or human

Scuba & Rafv Herb & I on table Scuba_Tommy

Then there are some of us bullies who sleep on our side with both arms out in front. Bet you didn’t know that this position depict an open nature but can be suspicious and cynical. Humans call this position Yearner.

What about times when we need extra boost for our head. This position is called Hang Over

Or the one that does not permit flashing around. Maybe we can call this ‘cover the bits’
snooze 010

Have you ever seen us making strange little yelping noises while moving our legs and paws? Of course we are dreaming. Perhaps chasing a rabbit, a rodent, a ball or importantly FOOD.

As for me, no one can wake me up (I bet Auntie G will agree. She has a video of me doing just that).
The best I can do when anyone calls me is, I will probably open one slanty beady little eye to let you know I am not missing anything.

p/s - So so so glad to be back after so long. I miss all of you