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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Find the bone – brain booster (now you guys know why I am always thinking)

Here you go. Figure it out
Scuba can’t remember where he buried his bone –
Is it under the rock, in the garden, under the porch, or under the tree?

If only one of the following sentences is true, where is Scuba's bone?
1. The bone is under the rock.
2. The bone is in the garden or under the tree.
3. The bone is under the rock or under the porch.
4. The bone is not in the garden.

Answer - The bone is in the garden.

If sentence #1 is true, then sentence #3 is also true, but only one sentence can be true, so both #1 and #3 are false-the bone is not under the rock or under the porch.

That leaves the garden and the tree, so let's look at sentences #2 and #4. If sentence #2 is true, then sentence #4 is false. That would leave us with just 1 true sentence, but is the bone in the garden or under the tree?

We know that sentence #4 is false, so the bone must be in the garden.

No no no, the bones(not the bone) are in my house.

Mom as usual consulted Dr H L Tan to see if I can be given the green light to chew on bones. Dr Tan said “Ok but must be BIG knuckle bones”

Abracadabra – bones appeared (Yes they are mine all mine)

…… then I heard mom telling Auntie Sam – “Herbie, Tommy, Rafv and Chewie can have them too. Well guess I have to share them with my friends.

My sister, Ginger helped me ‘sneak’ one out. The deal is, she keep a look out so that mom and Auntie S does not know one is missing and in return, she can sleep in my bed.

Yummy, I particularly love the Marrow and the cartilage

Some facts about
Marrow. Believe it or not, the marrow cavity of bone is composed mainly of fat and blood components... high quality nutrients, to be sure, but the minimal reward for scraping out a bit of fatty marrow hardly warrants the status of it being declared a daily requirement for a dog.

Cartilage is 50 percent collagen (a poorly digestible fibrous connective tissue) and mucopolysaccharides which are chains of glucose molecules in combination with mucous...whatever that means

Fantastic and delicious. Ginger can now share my bed. Now I am contented

What a treat after so long

It is pretty tiring chewing the bone. I am going to have a little snooze and hopefully dream of more bones to come.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gifts from my god-papa

Mom just got back from Atlanta, Georgia USA (she said it took her 28+hours door to door). I heard her talking about 2 Cs and 2 Kings in Atlanta. Yes she was talking about Atlanta being home to CNN and Coca Cola. The 2 Kings, well they were – Larry King (she had a picture taken with him) and Marin Luther King (she went to his museum. I think this King once said ‘I Have a Dream’ hehe - can't beat me, I am always dreaming and he was the symbolic leader of American Blacks involved with some civil rights movement). I didn’t know I was so knowledgeable.

Now, let’s turn to the subject matter Gifts from my god-papa. She came back with half a luggage (I certainly don’t mean a small luggage) of goodies for me. She said they were from my god-papa in Boston (you mean he visited her in Atlanta and not me here in Singapore. God-papa, how could you do this to me? I thought you love me loads - hmmmm!!!!- makes me wonder now).

I got a new collar, 2 leashes, T-shirt

and loads of rawhides (see some of the samplings) from my god-papa.

To be honest, the rawhide was to tell mom, never ever give me oxtail ever again. The collar, leash and T-shirt were from Harley Davidson – to improve my macho image. Mom said she had a debate with god-daddy. She wanted the spiky collar but god-daddy said it was not good for my bull terrier image (no use arguing with a woman – they always win so here I am stuck with the spiky collar).

The heart breaking news was when mom said “All these are your birthday presents”

Be nice mom, I can’t wait for one month (of course not, for I have master the art of Herbie’s ‘give me food look’ and YES I had one rawhide already). To be honest, I love my presents (so far) this year. I guess you may all have seen Joey’s posting on what I got for my birthday last year. Mom thought that was extravagant and she has been telling everyone not to buy expensive gifts for me this year.

Thank you god-papa for the wonderful gifts.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

I love these pictures because Auntie W and Auntie S look so beautiful next to me (aka the beast) and it will be a shame if I don't put the 2 pictures in my blog. That doesn't mean my other aunties are not beautiful. Just that I don't have their pictures (actually they are all shy). Please don't tell Auntie W I posted her picture because I haven't ask her for permission.

This is Auntie W. She is so drop dead gorgeous. She is so distractful when she is around because I can't keep my eyes off her. See even my eyes are turning blue.

I know you won't believe me but this is my nanny. She is the best looking nanny one could wish for. Unfortunately for her, she always walk me so and I can tell you, the guys don't even dare take a second look at her. She is mine and all mine

Talking about beast, my mom has this saying "All men are beasts but thank goodness we women love animals"