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Thursday, January 26, 2006

1) Rafv and I were on TV. 2) Herbie and Joey were featured in Today newspaper

Last Thursday, my mom and Uncle Caster were interviewed at Bishan Dog Run.

Because of their interview, Rafv and I were also featured. We appeared last Saturday on Channel U and Tuesday at 8am on Channel 8 (as usual, my mom missed it all as she was away).

Next, my other celeb friends - Herbie and Joey were on yesterday's Today paper. It talked about Herbie's adventure with the 2 kittens and their mommy cat. As for Joey, the paper talked about him being a volunteer in SCDF's Search & Rescue Dog Unit (am proud of Joey).

I don't quite understand Herbie's adventure. My siblings, (the cats) Ginger and Pepper are ok with Herbie and yet he was 'bullied' by kittens and Ma cat. I think Herbie should come to my house, have a heart to heart talk with P&G or ask Rafv on Purrfect techniques to deal with cats. Hehehe maybe P&G were secretly talking to their friends to give Herbie a Pre Big Birthday Surprise.

Yes Herbie's birthday is next Tuesday. Happy Barkday Herbie (from Auntie S, Mom, P&G and Me)

ohhhh in case you all miss Rafv and I, heard Auntie Shane told my mom that we are on Channel 8 tonight at 1030pm. I better make sure mom don't go for her Scottish Country dancing class tonight..........hmm better ask all my friends to come to my house tonight (generating the come to my house thought now).


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I think Uncle Caster can do a better job + what happened over the weekend

I don't mind my new look at Rafv's blog. If mom has her way, she would like to draw 2 red circles over over beady eyes. Isn't the 'Target mascot" soooo cute.

I bet I look so adorable when I was a little pup.

Mom said I have to take my annual booster. So, last weekend, I went to see one of my fav people - Dr H L Tan. I was happy to see him just as he was happy to see me. He checked me out by pressing all over my body, open my mouth (I thought for one moment, he was going to lick or kiss me) but he didn't. After that, he gave me a jab. I think he has lost his skills giving injections since he has so many other vets working for him. Boy did it hurt when he plunge this thingy into me. Of course I cried out....................then he called me a Softie.

On my way to the car, we stop at the pet shop and mom spend a total of S$140+ there. Great more treats for me (and possibly my friends).

C'mon over guys what are you waiting for

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My mom is not talking to me

I think I have been a bad bad boy.

I woke mom up like 6X to pee and poo. Don't think she mind me waking her up but on my last pee, that was the end of me.

Was having a bad dream (can't remember what it was now) but I think I was dreaming that my friends and our moms and dads went walking at Bishan. Somehow in the dream, Auntie Ryoko was carrying me in her arms (she must have miss me so much). I decided to jump off her and went for a pee on the grass.

Ho and behold, I peed on the carpet. Mind you I thought I was still dreaming when mom shouted at me "SCUBA YOU BAD BOY. WHY AND WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING. BAD BAD BOY" then followed by the spanking (in other words whatever mom can lay her hands on, she was at me).

Ever since then, she has not spoken to me. I am now a very frighten puppy (wish my friends were here). She promised me a rawhide last night but I haven't got one yet.
(So I guess Rafv, Tommy and Herbie were lucky to have a rawhide last night). I tried to give her my pathetic beady eye look, tried to snuggle close - NOTHING WORKS.

If you guys are reading this, can you tell your mom to tell her I am sorry. Accident do happen.

Wonder if she will bring me out later?

Please help

Monday, January 02, 2006

2nd morning of 2006 and I got drag out of bed to go to Sentosa

My usual waking time is 9.30am and yes you read the title of this post. I am now short of 1.5hours of precious sleep (mind you I didn't get to sleep till almost 11pm - because our moms and dads planned to take us out for a long walk and hehe halfway, it started to drizzle). I think that was when they all decided to go to Sentosa.

My mom put me in the car and she said "Sweetheart, I think I will get breakfast for everyone. Let's go to the market first". Breakfast for everyone, that is not true - me and my friends didn't get any!!!!!

Auntie S was not with us so I am safe from the water although they all tried to get me in. In the end, I must admit I lost coz Tommy's dad carried me into the water. No matter how hard I struggle I could not win Tom's dad (guess he is big and strong).

I met many new friends (there were a few GRs and a beagle). Tommy didn't like the beagle or was it the other way round.

This is for Auntie Ryoko (I know you are reading our blogs) -
Rafv joined us later........ went straight into the water. Still interested in Tom's ball. He seem to be SO happy. When he came out of the water, he played with Herbie and I. He was playing rough with me when Uncle Caster shouted "Rafv, Scuba pain pain" then there was a little blood on my body and everyone thought I got bitten by my brother. I didn't feel anything and I thought YES - bull terrier's threshold for pain is high. But but we only found out the blood was from Rafv's gum. We all had a good laugh after.

Auntie R, I think with you in Japan, Rafv is lazy. He has not updated his blog at all. Shame on him. I think he either miss you or don't know how to switch the computer on. I keep telling him it is ok. Your mom will be back in 6days time and in the meantime my mummy is your mummy (he also very manja to my mom and sometimes I think my mom sayang him more than me - lucky I am not the craving for attention type).

I think Auntie Sharon will update with photos on Herbie's blog so watch out for them.

OK me got to go now. Feeling tired and sleepy

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year or Hogmanay

When my dad was around, he would call the New Year's celebration Hogmanay and his kinsmen would sing Auld Lang Syne after, but now I only hear New Year's celebration - no singing but loads of sparkles and poppers (that would frighten Rafv but I like the sparkles).

Whatever they call it, I had fun yesterday. Herbie, Jack, Joey, Rafv and Tommy came over to spend the last day of 2005 and the first day of 2006 with us (Ginger, Pepper and I).

Mom was very busy yesterday morning and afternoon and she ignored Rafv and I. She didn't know we were salivating from the smell of all the meat around. She was preparing food for the BBQ. I heard her saying like "Ok, I will marinate the beef with beer, the lamb with rosemary, the pork (especially for Auntie G) with garlic and soy sauce etc etc". As though Rafv and I care - just give us the meat why fuss over them.

Oh........then late in the afternoon, the rain came and poor mom couldn't believe it. I didn't mind the rain for 2 obvious reasons.
1) I don't need to walk to the park (paws still sore)
2) Maybe all my friends and I can have all the uncook meat

Bad news for me and friends, the rain stopped.

Herbie and Tommy were the first to arrive then followed by Jack and Joey much later (they told me their HC was tired or lazy so didn't bring them earlier)

Finally they had their BBQ last night and thank goodness, we were not allowed into the bbq area or we will definitely be hot dogs. Auntie S took care of all of us (she made us beef tendons).

Mr and Mrs Vijay came too.

We are so loved that all the toast were made with us DOGGIES in mind (that was Uncle Caster's idea).

All our moms and dads came back to my house at about 12.30am (of course I was in bed - where else!!!!! after all it is passed my bedtime). Mrs Vijay and Auntie S came to my room to say hello........hehe......I was sleeping. After, mom thought I was awfully rude for being a BAD host so she drag me out of bed to say hello to all the aunties and uncles. I hated it at first but then I discovered Uncle Marcus was having food so I stick around him all the time. Of course he fed me and Tommy too.

Not sure what time but after a while, everyone started to say goodbye and off they went. Me back to bed.

Happy New Year to all
(Guys, come end of the month, it will be the YEAR OF THE DOG - that's us)
We will drink and eat to that