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Thursday, January 26, 2006

1) Rafv and I were on TV. 2) Herbie and Joey were featured in Today newspaper

Last Thursday, my mom and Uncle Caster were interviewed at Bishan Dog Run.

Because of their interview, Rafv and I were also featured. We appeared last Saturday on Channel U and Tuesday at 8am on Channel 8 (as usual, my mom missed it all as she was away).

Next, my other celeb friends - Herbie and Joey were on yesterday's Today paper. It talked about Herbie's adventure with the 2 kittens and their mommy cat. As for Joey, the paper talked about him being a volunteer in SCDF's Search & Rescue Dog Unit (am proud of Joey).

I don't quite understand Herbie's adventure. My siblings, (the cats) Ginger and Pepper are ok with Herbie and yet he was 'bullied' by kittens and Ma cat. I think Herbie should come to my house, have a heart to heart talk with P&G or ask Rafv on Purrfect techniques to deal with cats. Hehehe maybe P&G were secretly talking to their friends to give Herbie a Pre Big Birthday Surprise.

Yes Herbie's birthday is next Tuesday. Happy Barkday Herbie (from Auntie S, Mom, P&G and Me)

ohhhh in case you all miss Rafv and I, heard Auntie Shane told my mom that we are on Channel 8 tonight at 1030pm. I better make sure mom don't go for her Scottish Country dancing class tonight..........hmm better ask all my friends to come to my house tonight (generating the come to my house thought now).



Herbie said...

I tried talking to Ginger last night, but she was in a bad mood. Maybe coz Aunty S dragged her out to take a photo with me. I was quite worried I'll get attacked again. If not for your mom's delicious cake, I would not have stayed for the photo.

Hmm... are we having more cakes tonight?

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hehehe G was in a drowsy mood rather than a bad mood(coz Auntie S gave her some medication).

P&G are so use to all my doggie friends that I think they are suffering from identity crisis. Sometimes, they wish they were dogs. Among all my friends, Rafv is the only one who wants to play with them. I wouldnt even want to play with them because they were terrible to me when I was a puppy. Things are different now - Ginger love to cuddle up next to me which makes me feel uncomfortable - not sure if she was being nice or secretly trying to paw me.

Yummy the Kway Neng Ko (traditionally egg cake). I love it too. Or course you can have more tonight. I want you guys to come over ....... so we can all persuade my mom not to go for her dance class. Don't worry Auntie S now know how to make it. All we need to do is look at Auntie S with pleading eyes.

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