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Monday, January 02, 2006

2nd morning of 2006 and I got drag out of bed to go to Sentosa

My usual waking time is 9.30am and yes you read the title of this post. I am now short of 1.5hours of precious sleep (mind you I didn't get to sleep till almost 11pm - because our moms and dads planned to take us out for a long walk and hehe halfway, it started to drizzle). I think that was when they all decided to go to Sentosa.

My mom put me in the car and she said "Sweetheart, I think I will get breakfast for everyone. Let's go to the market first". Breakfast for everyone, that is not true - me and my friends didn't get any!!!!!

Auntie S was not with us so I am safe from the water although they all tried to get me in. In the end, I must admit I lost coz Tommy's dad carried me into the water. No matter how hard I struggle I could not win Tom's dad (guess he is big and strong).

I met many new friends (there were a few GRs and a beagle). Tommy didn't like the beagle or was it the other way round.

This is for Auntie Ryoko (I know you are reading our blogs) -
Rafv joined us later........ went straight into the water. Still interested in Tom's ball. He seem to be SO happy. When he came out of the water, he played with Herbie and I. He was playing rough with me when Uncle Caster shouted "Rafv, Scuba pain pain" then there was a little blood on my body and everyone thought I got bitten by my brother. I didn't feel anything and I thought YES - bull terrier's threshold for pain is high. But but we only found out the blood was from Rafv's gum. We all had a good laugh after.

Auntie R, I think with you in Japan, Rafv is lazy. He has not updated his blog at all. Shame on him. I think he either miss you or don't know how to switch the computer on. I keep telling him it is ok. Your mom will be back in 6days time and in the meantime my mummy is your mummy (he also very manja to my mom and sometimes I think my mom sayang him more than me - lucky I am not the craving for attention type).

I think Auntie Sharon will update with photos on Herbie's blog so watch out for them.

OK me got to go now. Feeling tired and sleepy

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Rafv said...

hehe, scuba. thank you for updating! Just saw Herb's blog and was wondering whether he went to swim or not. keke, he did hoh! And so sorry for rafv's misbehave like bitting your face.. your precious pretty face!(My antie and grandma say that your are the most handsome boy! Ahh, I doubled checked with them.. for any my misunderstanding.. But They confirmed me that you are much prettier than rafv.. Funny Japanese.. Maybe.. haha)
By the way, I gave Sentosa photo to my grandma. Now displaying at entrance hall... with f**king Ex photo frame.... (BTW everybody gave a big laugh! haha!!)

You are right, Scuba. He does not know how to use PC without my supervision.. sigh...

Thank you for sharing your mum!

Love you,