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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lolo's 2nd birthday

Lolo turned 2 yesterday.

Because Uncle J do not have a blog for Lolo, he has asked me to put up something for Lolo.

Mom has been busy lately and decided to bake a birthday cake for Lolo instead of buying her treats or toys.

Here is Lolo with her birthday cake. She look so sweet doesn't she and so 'lady' like?
but let me tell you, she is a tough cookie

Auntie S told me the main ingredient in her cake was lamb and since I could not afford to buy her a birthday gift, I have decided to offer her a dash of Pepper for the day (I am sure it will enhance the taste of the cake). ENJOY..... your present is right behind you.....the one with the glowing eyes

From Ginger & Pepper - "Have a Purrfect Birthday"
From ME - "Have a Pawfect Birthday"

Thanks for the party. Can I go to sleep now?

Even your brother, Chewie is tired

Friday, April 21, 2006

My favorite pastime

Not shopping, not reading BUT sleeping

I have been listening to Auntie G and her beauty tips and most times, she says she loves her beauty sleep so like her, I love my beauty sleep too.

Unless there are distractions otherwise, I will spend the whole day sleeping or having power naps

Distractions like, when Bully was over at my place (see I even manage to convince her to have a nap)

……. Even when we are out, I don’t mind sleeping. If the sun is too strong, then I will ask any of my friends (in this case, it is Rafv) to cover my eyes. Oh I remember a song called Friends for life - see Rafv is not even sleeping. He just want me to be comfy and have a little snooze

In the evening, when it is not so hot, I will convince my friends to lie down beside me

When my friends come for dinner, my mom always accuse me of being a bad host because by 9.30pm, yawning dawns on me

......and my biological clock will make me wander off to my bedroom. There, hehe you see me waiting by the door hoping someone will open it

Sorry friends if I have been a bad host but I think Auntie G has good advice to give so I am following her advice.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Dogs in pig skin

In Canada, there is an article in the Globe and Mail ( on April 15th Page A17, by a columnist Christie Blatchford on ‘Bullie for me, I’m getting a puppy’

Let me address her as Auntie Christie. Auntie Christie talked about her excitement of getting her first Bull Terrier pup. She said she is so captivated by the looks of the Bullie and how her currently round pup’s face will transform into the long egg-shaped snout typical of the breed.

She particularly “love the look of the white bull terrier — they look most like pigs (indeed, they're sometimes called dogs in pig skin) and their small black eyes gleam ever so much beadier”.

And not surprising my doggie friends’ owners have brand me into a ‘new breed’ – The Pig Bull Terrier (after so many ignorant humans refer to us as Pit Bull)

Source of puppy pictures:
Do we really look like pigs?

On beady eyes, I often thought all my friends’ moms and dads were teasing me about them until I saw this article

Do I really have beady eyes?

Let me know what you think?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why am I name Scuba?

SCUBA - Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. WOW what a mouthfull.

Self Contained - Yes, that is me. Definition: Having self-control; reserved; uncommunicative; wholly engrossed in one's self.

Underwater - I guess if you give me the right equipment, I can be in the water. Don't quite like the surface though.

Breathing - Pretty good at it or I will not be blogging

Apparatus - Everyone calls me a lean mean machine so there you go.

Actually, mom and dad met each other when they were scuba diving hence the name. And it is a tradition at home that if one Scuba passes on, the other dog will be name SCUBA (I am the second one)

What I wanted to say is, I don't like the sea and c'mon, some books on bull terriers says we can't swim because of our body mass.

As much as I don't like the sea, I don't have a choice Once our owners decide to go to the beach, we just have to tag along.

See how terrified I am in the water

...then water get into my ears

...............…and my eyes

Before I can see anything, I pray that the big bad wolf don't eat me

Thank goodness ...finally land

I will have to shake to dry myself off on the sand. Love the sand

Feels good when it brush against your belly

Only when I feel I am dry then I go enjoy myself

You guess it, by the time, I get home, I am totally knackered (like the English will say - hey I am English after all)

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Huskies in my life

Not sure if I was a Huskie in my past life.

Om Ommmm - I have been meditating for the longest time and still haven't got an answer.

My life is / was surrounded by Huskies. Here goes..............

My very 1st friend (he is like my big brother. He comes to protect me if he thinks I am in danger. Many times I got him into trouble while playing with other dogs. I only need to 'cry' and he will dash from far and try to attack the dog I am playing with - thinking I am hurt). We both share the same birtday month and have been celebrating our birthdays together. He loves staying over at my place.

Then came 4 Huskie puppies (of course they are not mine......hehe just in case). I love them. They made me feel like a Big Brother. I even feel I had to protect them from my siblings. They were soooooo cute. I miss them. Out of the 4, I only see one quite regularly. Boy he is 'bigger' than me now. Auntie S love them loads too

Currently, staying with me now is yet another Huskie. My god, this one use to attack me for no reason when I first met him. Mind you, not once but a couple of times. Fate works in funny ways and he is at my house. Well I have been brought up to be forgiving so no worries here. After all he is nursing his health.

The last of the Huskies in my life is really a maltese cross shih tzu. His name is Huskee. Auntie Sh and Uncle M's little boy. I only met him once or twice when they brought him over to play with me. I haven't seen him for a long time now. I dont' know how to contact Auntie Sh (the last time I saw her, was on my discharge from the hospital and I was too zonked out to ask her). So if anyone knows her, let her know I miss Huskee and would love to see him again.

Uncle C told me a movie about Huskies is coming to the cinema soon. I am sure the DVD will find its way to my house. With my luck, I am definitely, positively sure.
I love Siberian Huskies but I don't want to be one of them or I will freeze to death with my little coat of hair

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Face massage

I love to have face massages. There are only 2 of my friends who give superb face massage - Herbie and Rafv.

The humans are normally worried when I have those massages but hey my face feels so good after that. Can I have more please?