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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas is coming

Well, here are my wishes and what I (and my friends) will do over this festive season

1) Watch over my home
Scuba at home 004

2) Don’t leave us out of any parties

3) Ok we will allow you to dress us up for Christmas
xmas outfit

4) Allow us to indulge on yummy food (ham, turkey, egg nog)

5) I promise to guard all the pressies under the tree (especially the food pressies)
Scuba guardian Xmas gifts

6) Send out Christmas cards
Guess I better get going on those Christmas cards. I have already received half a dozen of them. Thank goodness, I have Auntie S. She is helping me with the cards.

I am looking forward to Christmas

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I got nominated for photo and awesome blog!!!!! MOI

Onion and Opy told me I have been nominated for Photo of the month and Awesome Blog –

I have been thinking about this nomination and thinking and thinking
Deep in thoughts
Moi. How can it be me? Did you guys make a mistake?

And reflected on what I have done to deserve this.
My reflection
Yes that’s me reflecting ( good reflection isn’t it)

Oh no, guess which picture my buddies use for photo of the month
Yes, the spoilt lazy me
Scuba on massage chair wz remote control

Well what can I say but a big thank you for nominating me and voting for me.

Anyone else out there who think I deserve this?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Before and After

Herbie’s M and MM are on holidays and he mentioned in his blog that he would be fed at my place. Herbie has been enjoying himself at my place. Today, there were 5 of us at home - Rafv, Herbie, Jack, Joey and I. We had a ball of a time.

Somehow, the human conversation turned on Herbie. "Oh Herbie, you look fat", "Herbie did you put on weight", "Look at you Herbie, you have lost your waist" blah blah blah blah.

How can Herbie put on weight only having spend 3 days at my place? Well we doggies didn't think Herbie put on weight. We will prove them wrong.

Pictures of Herbie, before he came to my place

Herbie at Promenade2 Herbie alone

Not sure what happened to Herbie. After 3 days at my place, Herbie was too lazy or maybe tired, to sit and let mom take pictures of him. Well the human has got to understand that we play the whole day so Herbie must be tired. Anyway, she decided to take some shots of him lying down.

Herbie and Tommy 002

Auntie G and Auntie W said Herbie has definitely put on weight.

Rafv, Tommy, Jack, Joey and I said NAY NOT AT ALL. Then those evil owners of ours decided to put Tommy and Herbie together ….. to prove that they were right.

This is Tommy
Herbie and Tommy 003

And here is Tommy and Herbie (side by side)
Herbie and Tommy 004

Hang on a minute. Herbie is not FAT - just the human 'puff' up his brown fur (and they brush Tommy's hair) UNFAIR UNFAIR UNFAIR

Herbie and Tommy 005

Well where is this fat Herbie? He is not fat. He is the same size as Tommy. Darker hair made Tommy look slimmer - that's all.

Of course, poor Herbie was not happy at all. He was worried Auntie S and Mom will cut down on his food.

Don’t you worry Herbie. Auntie S has not see these pictures so I am sure she will continue to feed you.

Cheer up old chum

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bully came to play with me

Scuba wz BT toy(Aug04)
I was sleeping with my favorite toy and was dreaming of bull terriers playing

Bud_Bul_Scub 3 Bullies

….when ………


Bully awakened me.
At Scuba's home1
Mom decided to take this picture of us (with my sleepy droopy eyes)

I have never seen a dog so full of energy (Auntie G calls her a hurricane and Uncle C calls her a missile).

1) She insist on dancing with me
Shall we dance

2) Playing with me (non- stop)

3) Kising me

4) Demanding that I kiss her back (FEMALES arghh)
Bully kissing me

Phew!!!! That was tiring. Finally she allowed me to rest
Scuba and Bully 2gether

She left the next day and I am missing her. Wonder when she is coming back to play with me.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A day out at the reservoir and why humans should change their behaviour

There are humans that do not like us going to the reservoir and I do not understand why these people are so selfish. After all, the reservoir is a shared community space.

Well, on 22 Oct, a Mr. Kee-Thour Chin wrote to the Straits Tmes about banning pets from reservoirs.

On page 43 of yesterday’s newspaper, under ‘Don’t let pets pollute water’, a nice Uncle Nguan-Sen Tan (Director of Catchment and Waterways – Public Utilities Board) responded by saying ‘the public should refrain from activities that will dirty our water catchment’. He is right about the public (which means human).

I strongly think, the public must change their behaviour. Saturday, I saw a middle age man fishing in the reservoir and he spat into the water. My question is “Spitting into the water is more hygienic than we pooing on the grass?” (Mind you, we always go out with our owners. who takes poo bags with them). I have never ever seen any dogs near the water so, how do we pollute the water? My feeling is; this Mr. Chin does not like animals, which means he is not compassionate and kind (mom’s favourite phrase. She always say, people who don’t like animals are not compassionate and kind)

Our visit to Peirce Reservoir

Anyway, it was a humid day on Saturday, so mom, Uncle C and Auntie R decided to take Rafv and me to a place with open space and let us have some fun so we headed for Peirce Reservoir.

Pierce Reservoir, which is only about a 7mins walk from my house, was originally named the Kalang River Reservoir because it was impounded across the lower reaches of the Kalang River in 1910. In 1922, the reservoir was renamed to Pierce Reservoir, after Mr. Robert Peirce who was the municipal engineer of Singapore from 1901-1916.

It is Singapore's second reservoir. The forest surrounding the reservoir is protected as a water catchments’ reserve.

Pierce Reservoir is Rafv’s favourite place because it is here where he can talk to the monkeys.

Monkey in the wild

I have seen many people feeding the monkeys but mom said it is an offence. Feeding the monkeys can change their dietary habits and make them aggressive.


She said the monkeys have sufficient food in the nature reserves i.e. fruits and nuts. She continues by saying that if the human do not stop feeding them, culling the monkeys may become necessary and I certainly hope not.

Back to us; we had a great walk. People were enjoying themselves – having picnic, fishing and playing football.

At Pierce 2
'Can I join you guys kicking the ball? '

I was tired and thirsty from the walk and sights.

'Can I have a drink please?'
Response: “Of course you can. You are at the reservoir – plenty of water out there”

At Pierce 004
'But I don’t want to jump in. I prefer to drink it from a bowl'

At Pierce3

Of course we did have our own water from the bowl.

Finally, we can take a break and the look of contentment
At Pierce with Rafv

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mobile blogging through The Sony Ericsson K800i

My mom got a new phone - The Sony Ericsson K800i and she know nothing about linking my blog to her phone.... she is not so smart is she (oops who said that)

Thank goodness Herbie's M came round for dinner and she assisted in linking the blog with SUCCESS. Thank you Auntie S

Below is a picture (guess what) taken by the old phone (K750i) during the FIFA season