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Thursday, March 30, 2006

My siblings (Ginger & Pepper)

Let me introduce my 'hot' siblings - Ginger (you can tell from the colour)and Pepper (white pepper). Thank goodness my mom didn't name me Chilly or she will have all the hot spices in the house

Yes, you all know by now. Auntie G is my sister's (Ginger) new godmother. I am happy for her. She is the bossy one in the house.

Believe me, when I was a little pup, this Big Sister was tough on me. To begin with, she taught me how to respect her, to listen to her. Thank goodness mom didn't ask her to train me. Well that is not all true, she train me to play 'dead' (as you can see from the picture) she pawed me, crawl over me to make sure I am really 'dead'. Well the one thing I pick up from kitty habit is the art of kneading. Yes so much so that everyone knows that if I knead on my pillow, I am going to fall asleep.
Thank you big sister, I will always remember what you taught me. As you can see, at home she is my best friend.

You have read in Joey's blog that my siblings sleep on hard floors. I can assure you that is not the case. Look who is sleeping on my bed (with me) and who is cuddling up with me in my room.

The 3 of us do try to squeeze into my bed but unfortunately, there is not much space for us all. I know Joey doesn't see everything that goes on at home so I don't blame him.

Maybe one day, Auntie G should bring Ginger home to bond with her godbrothers. I told Ginger that Joey and Jack have new beds and she is ok to go over and try your new bed.

They are my siblings and of course I love them very much.

Ouch - No more hospital

I know, this is long overdue. Auntie R took a picture of me after my surgery - My stay at the hospital begin. U can see, I was so doopy, I just want to sleep but every 2hours, I have visitors (moms and dads of my friends).

Auntie S took pictures of my stitches. Look pretty awful isn't it.

Yes now I am fully recovered.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Yin & Yang

I hope my mom is not reading this or she will flip.

Last weekend, she went away (yes again). Didn't tell me where she went.

In her absence, I invited a female friend over. Her name is Kurochan. You all guest it, she is black and I am white (i.e. yin and yang).

I didn't know she is sooooooooooooo greedy. She growled at Chewie (my Huskie friend staying over) over Chewie's food. You can imagine. She became an immediate enemy of C.

I tried to be the perfect host by kissing her but she didn't quite like my kisses and told me off.

Auntie R told me not to worry and took us all (Rafv, Kurochan and I) to the park.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stitches will be out soon and crawling to start

I went to see Dr Tan yesterday morning. He said I am doing well and said:
1) Come back on Thursday to have the stitches remove
2) Try to ease him into solid food
3) (with a smile)No oxtail
4) Will be sometime before you give him a bone. Big knuckle bone please
5) Will give this little guy a vitamin jab

Hmmm the thought of missing my 4 meals a day is killing me. I wonder if Dr Tan meant 4X a day solid food.

Auntie S and mom weigh me at the vet and was REAL surprise I haven't lost any weight (hehe 4days without food). Auntie G said maybe it will take a few more days before the weight reduction appears on the scale. She also said, all of me is made of muscles so maybe that explains why my weight is still the same. Oh no!!!!!, hope they don't cut down on my food (Herbie, please help).

I am looking forward to Thursday. After that, I can do my 'leopard crawl' or the commando training.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My friends came to visit

So good to see all my friends (Jack, Joey, Herbie and Rafv) last night. Tommy said he would come later but guess Uncle M and Auntie W were busy. But mom promised that Tommy will come later in the afternoon to spend the day and evening with me.

Auntie R, Auntie S, Auntie G, Uncle C, Uncle TCL came too (Can you bring me food next time you come please).

My godfather called from the US to see how I was doing. My mom said he had been very concern and I understand, he has been calling her almost every night since I went to the hospital. He told mom that Muscles (my godbrother – another Bull Terrier) and him, have been sending love and healing energy from Boston. THANK YOU GODPA AND MUSCLES.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home sweet home

First I want to thank all my friends, aunties and uncles for your well wishes. Not forgetting my caretakers at Mt Pleasant – Dr H L Tan, Auntie Ling, Auntie Concordia and Uncle Richard. Ooooooh yes my new friends (I was told by mom) – Ice, Mark and Cream.

Bet mom will make sure I don’t touch any ox parts for a long time. Can’t understand why this animal only feed on grass and they grow so huge (even the bone that got stuck inside me was big).

I was not a happy dog since Friday. After the oxtail in the morning, I went without food for 4.5days.

Sunday (5th March) was a BAD BLACK day for me. Mom took me in to see Dr Tan in the morning. When mom told him I had taken oxtail, Dr Tan said ‘Oxtail – don’t need to say anymore. We have to take an x-ray”. Dr Tan didn’t spare a minute. Immediately after the bone appeared in the x-ray, I was put in a cage and less than an hour, I was fast asleep. When I woke up, I felt uncomfortable and was in pain. I know many aunties and uncles came to see me later but I was too dazed to say hello (sorry for being rude).

Thank you, Auntie G for the cushion. Boy did it help me by making me feel comfortable.

Yesterday afternoon, Uncle Jason came to see me (I thought he was taking me home). He didn’t but brought a towel for me instead. I gave him a few kisses anyway. 3hours later, Auntie Ryoko and Auntie S came to see me. By then I was a wee bit tired so I went to sleep. Auntie R took some pictures of me (in my sorry state). Mom came by around 6. I gave her loads of kisses – was also trying to tell her, I want to go home and I am hungry. Still no food (Herbie you will hate the thought of no food). Guess I am not going home - another night at the hospital. Wonder when I can go home.

This afternoon, mom, Auntie Cindy, Auntie Shane and Uncle Jason came to see me. Mom disappeared to talk to Dr. Tan. For a moment, I thought oh no another night at the hospital. But Auntie Cindy and Auntie Shane kept saying “Scuba you are going home” (but where is mom!!!!).

Then for the first time, I was allowed to come out of the cage. Auntie Concordia put a rope round me (mom said I look like a stray paikia dog with the rope round my neck) and said “Bye Scuba”

………..yawn. I don’t know what is happening to me but I still feel drugged so will continue tomorrow.

I am home though (hungry as usual).