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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My friends came to visit

So good to see all my friends (Jack, Joey, Herbie and Rafv) last night. Tommy said he would come later but guess Uncle M and Auntie W were busy. But mom promised that Tommy will come later in the afternoon to spend the day and evening with me.

Auntie R, Auntie S, Auntie G, Uncle C, Uncle TCL came too (Can you bring me food next time you come please).

My godfather called from the US to see how I was doing. My mom said he had been very concern and I understand, he has been calling her almost every night since I went to the hospital. He told mom that Muscles (my godbrother – another Bull Terrier) and him, have been sending love and healing energy from Boston. THANK YOU GODPA AND MUSCLES.


jaffeboy said...

Get well soon Scuba... Must be a good boy & not move too much then can recover quicker... Hope to see you soon.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Thank you Jaffe.

I have been a good boy but don't know why Mom and Auntie S change my eating timing. I end up forever hungry

I responded to your blog too to thank you mom.

Can't wait to go to park.

ice said...

i will bring u food when i see u... dun let your mummy see...

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Good good. Of course we must keep it between us. Can I share it with Herbie as well? I don't know when I can go to the park. Big thank you

ice said...

what did Dr Tan say? can u eat normal food already? i will rather pack my bags and leave home if i gotta eat plain porridge...

your telepathy dun work on your mom?

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dr Tan said I can gradually have solid food (the thought of not eating 4 or 5X a day is painful...wonder if he meant solid food 4X a day)

Well it is not plain porridge. I do have mince beef (sometimes mince chicken or liver), fresh puree carrots, tofu and eggs). I think even Herbie love it.

I am trying Herbie's eye power on my mom but unfortunately, she is ignoring me. I think she is being careful. I overheard she told Auntie S "continue with the porridge but make it thicker"

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