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Monday, March 27, 2006

Yin & Yang

I hope my mom is not reading this or she will flip.

Last weekend, she went away (yes again). Didn't tell me where she went.

In her absence, I invited a female friend over. Her name is Kurochan. You all guest it, she is black and I am white (i.e. yin and yang).

I didn't know she is sooooooooooooo greedy. She growled at Chewie (my Huskie friend staying over) over Chewie's food. You can imagine. She became an immediate enemy of C.

I tried to be the perfect host by kissing her but she didn't quite like my kisses and told me off.

Auntie R told me not to worry and took us all (Rafv, Kurochan and I) to the park.


Rafv said...

hehe. I would not tell your mum, but I am not sure that my mum already told her or not...


Herbie said...

oh.. my MM said her name sounds like ku lu yok (sweet & sour pork), so now my M and MM are calling her ku lu yok. Sounds yummy to me!

Joey said...

Scuba, your secret is out. Your mum already saw her last night. I think she is not happy that's why she tied kuro-chan in the kitchen!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Damn. That is correct.