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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stitches will be out soon and crawling to start

I went to see Dr Tan yesterday morning. He said I am doing well and said:
1) Come back on Thursday to have the stitches remove
2) Try to ease him into solid food
3) (with a smile)No oxtail
4) Will be sometime before you give him a bone. Big knuckle bone please
5) Will give this little guy a vitamin jab

Hmmm the thought of missing my 4 meals a day is killing me. I wonder if Dr Tan meant 4X a day solid food.

Auntie S and mom weigh me at the vet and was REAL surprise I haven't lost any weight (hehe 4days without food). Auntie G said maybe it will take a few more days before the weight reduction appears on the scale. She also said, all of me is made of muscles so maybe that explains why my weight is still the same. Oh no!!!!!, hope they don't cut down on my food (Herbie, please help).

I am looking forward to Thursday. After that, I can do my 'leopard crawl' or the commando training.


jaffeboy said...

M glad U R doing well, Scuba. Hope to see you at the park soon. U must promise no leapard crawl for another week so the wound can recover perfectly.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hello Jaffe

I am missing the park and all my other friends too (like you). So strange to stay at home and nowhere to go. I can't promise on the leopard crawl because I love doing it.

You take care

ice said...

park is very scary... no lights yesterday in bishan park.. half of it was covered in darkness. so it was scary.. cos i managed to scare my slave by running towards her all of a sudden and she thought it was some WHITE thing floating towards her...scubi u can try that on your mummy also if park is still covered in darkness.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Ice, Who and Where were you ?

I was there too when the park was dark. Can you introduce yourself sometime.

ice said...

we reached there only when no dogs were there... my mum is darn slow.. cos we need to run for about 5km before we reach there... if i see u. i will greet u!!

ice said...

oh i only saw a small dog in the dark... but it was barking at me noisily so i pulled my slave away.. cant stand the noise. i got sensitive ears.

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