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Monday, November 29, 2010

Not sure why but human, feline and canines love my bed.

I will talk about the feline species first.

My sister, Ginger (who was the boss) use to fight with me over my bed. The deal is, she has to pin me down before I say yes and I always let her win.

Then she would snuggle up with me.

After she passed on, I thought "Great the bed is all mine" until my brother Pepper decided he was going to take over Ginger's place to keep me warm. I think it is called 'Sibling Bonding'
My friends Helios, Jack and Joey will tell you that Pepper has an identity crisis - he think he is a dog.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It has been 2years since I have been missing in action and I hope to slowly but surely begin to try blogging again.

Getting back wasn't easy cos my mom forgot the password to login but thank goodness I remembered.

I don't honestly know how to begin. Well I use to have many friends coming over (still do) and now I have 2 additional regular visitors- Helios' sister and Tommy's brother.

Everyone loves them, everyone gives them food and everyone think they are the youngest so they are entitlted to everything and I mean everything (the good thing is, Helios' sister sometimes do share her food so we follow her around).

Well Christmas is round the corner. The decorations are up except for the tree which I believe is coming sometime this week.

YES pressies for me

Love to all,