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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TAG - I am starting one

After reading Boo Boo's blog and seeing the picture of ‘brotherly love’, I can’t help but to think of starting (yet) another TAG.

I have always been tagged (The last two were by Herbie and Johann) so here is my chance to get back.

What shall I tag and what will it be !!!!!. Shall I be naughty or shall I be nice. How about:
‘Being 2gether – that’s friendship’

Rule for this tag:
1) Picture of you and another dog (or another animal)
2) A funny caption to go with the picture
3) Tag others

The grass is greener on this side except for the yellow flowers (can someone remove the grass that is tickling my nose.....Ahhhhhh Chooooooooooo)
I hate to be ticked in the nose by flowers

Shall we dance? …… I don’t think so
Shall we dance

Yin and Yang (Both elements are in movement rather than held in absolute stasis)
yingnormalni Yin and Yang

Look at that derrier. Ohhhhhh nice!!!!! Let me check it out
Love your bum

Don’t stop. Give me more. Love those smooches (Miss Sunshade, close your eyes on this one)
Smooching - don't stop. More please

Hide and seek – who is gonna close the lid?
Hide & seek - no one will find us

Don’t you dare disturb my godsister whilst she is sleeping. Acutally we are twins (in colour)
2 of a kind

Down and out but where is the referee? I want fairness in this wrestling match.G and H

The essence of a strong jaw

Pep talk for the young and innocent
psst psst

Food – smells good and taste delicious. What did you just had? Tell me what you have been eating

One for the road
. One for the road

I would like to tag:
1) Huskee - my Little Big Brother
2) Herbie and Helios - The 2 GRrrrrrs
3) Jack and Joey - My famous piranhas
4) Miss Sunshade - The love of my life
5) Maggie the Airegirl - Who love my tummy
6) Ike the Boston terrier - Who love 'balls'
7) Sam I am - The lovely Weimaramer
8) Opy the Original Gruffpuppy - who is responsible for my tag action
9) Jay the Silkie Terrier - whom I haven't seen since Christmas
10) Girl Girl the Hamster - The baby of all

Happy tagging guys

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sleeping on my back (Tagged by Herbie)

(For my friends who wished to leave a comment on my last post and couldn't, I do apologise profusely coz my mom disabled something and I only realised it when one of my dear friends told me so..... ) :-P

Sometime in May, I was tagged by Herbie. What do I have to do? Well I have to post pictures of myself sleeping belly up.

Not a problem (thanks Herbie) this is my favourite position.

Me after a hard play
Lie back and relax

In my cosy bed (which is shared by many friends when they come over)
snooze 015

snooze 021

With the oriental printed cushions from Shanghai Tang
when mom is not home

I know I am late into this tagging game and I don’t really care so I am going to tag
Rafv the Siberian Husky
Onion the Celebrity Bull Terrier
Marvin the Scottish Cool K9

Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to Singapore

On April 09th, I posted that my godpapa was visiting me. He arrived last weekend and immediately wanted to see me.

We both have so much fun together. Mom said he spoils me too much and, why shouldn’t I be treated this way?

We both had been going out together (you know doing the boys things and I believe my mom is soooooooooo very jealous of me).

For the many friends and their owners who know me, I normally ‘trance’ at the park and my middle name is ‘STATUE’. For some strange reason, I feel alive with him around and this bout of energy just came from nowhere.

Like last Sunday, he took me to the park and I had so much fun. It was like a bull terrier gathering cos Badger and Toro were there. It was quite a sight and people around were so amazed to see us play..

Yes, we are fearless and energetic and are not for the fainthearted but we have the ability to amuse you with our clownish antics and are friendly toward people and other dogs so I don’t see why the humans make so much fuss about the bull terriers.

See I love humans and dogsWhat+a+party

And here is me running with other dogsgroup-p2

Now back to my godpa’s visit……
The highlight of my time with him – SLEEPING. Being a heavy boy of 23+kgs, not many human will carry me and let me sleep on their lap (plus a couple of kisses and hugs here and there while being - on his lap) Ohhhhhh!!!!! he is the sweetest person.

So comfy with my godpa

The other thing I love about him is, he does not agree with my mom’s training (I won’t even go there to tell you what she does to me when I am ‘naughty’). He said to her “Yes, this breed requires a firm hand and patience. With positive training, they will learn although sometimes, they get a little stubborn”.

He keeps telling mom that she should from now practice PAWSITIVE training with me ………Phew!!!! I can’t imagine him see how Auntie G punish Jack & Joey or Auntie S with Herbie and Helios.

We are pawfect for each other and I love him so very much.

Wonder if mom will let me go to Boston with him??????

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No goodbyes just - SO LONG MY DEAR FRIEND FUFU

To see the number of Doggies and their owners comment on FuFu’s blog, has to be a real fitting end for a little dear famous mousy friend. Indeed, FuFu did enjoy a long wonderful life. He was so much loved by Auntie Eil and all of us at Dogs With Blogs (DWB)


As my dad was Scottish, I would like to dedicated the below song to FuFu

Auld Lang Syne
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne ?
For auld lang syne, my dear. For auld Lang syne, We'll tak a cup o kindness yet, for auld lang syne !
And there's a hand my trusty fiere, and gie's a hand o thine And we'll tak a right guid-willie waught, for auld lang sine
For auld lang syne, my dear. For auld Lang syne, We'll tak a cup o kindness yet, for auld lang syne !

I had earlier posted a comment on FuFu’s blog and it is only befitting that I post what I had commented, in my blog as a tribute to my tiniest furry friend FuFu.

Dear Auntie Eil,
Mom and I were deeply saddened to hear the news about the death of our super hamsterrier hero– FuFu

Our thoughts are with you and your family during this time. We are in a state of shock.

FuFu was such a funny, entertaining, never fails (to visit all our blogs) supportive hamsterrier to be around.

I remember Christmas last year when I received my first Christmas gift. Not only FuFu thought of me but he also was kind to acknowledge Rafv (my Siberian Husky friend) and sent him a Christmas gift too.

Auntie Eil, I know you will miss FuFu immensely. During this difficult time, my mom and I know you will draw upon your own strength and the strength of all who love FuFu, will strenghten you and we will hold you in our thoughts.

Remember that all the doggies in the doggie blogs care about you and are thinking about you in this time of sorrow. We pray that beautiful angels be sent to comfort you.

He was so thoughtful and so loved by all of us and we want you to know that because of his sweetness, FuFu has a place reserved specially for him in Doggie’s heaven (It has been reserved for him by all the doggies he has touched) and he is playing with all of them now.

So long my dearest friend. I will definitely miss not seeing your comments in my blog.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fate/Chance - They work in mysterious ways

2 weeks ago, when mom was in Shanghai, she found out from the ‘’ that Badger a English bull terrier in Singapore needs to find a home quickly because his owner is moving to Germany for work and that Bullies are banned there. What is wrong with the Germans? Can’t they get along with the English?

Badger 05May Park

The request came from a bull terrier breeder down in Australia and mom made contact with her. Mom was given the owner’s name and she promised to call when she returns home. She did and was told Badger has found a new home. Badger’s new owners love bullies and have one of their own too, called Toro. She provided the feedback to the breeder and since then has been hoping that Badger did indeed find himself a good home and that he will be loved. I can tell, she has been thinking of Badger heaps.

Then this morning something amazing happen………..….
…. Herbie’s and Helios’ mom called and told her that there are 2 bull terriers at the park (you see, it is quite a rare sight to see bull terriers anywhere, so when they are spotted, guess who get calls).
It was then 9am and poor me got ‘DRAAAAAG’ out of bed to go to the park and meet my kind.

Snoooooooooooooooooooooozing with my toy. Pleeeeeeeease don't wake me
Sleeping with toy

It is not easy to drag me out from my beauty sleep. So in between that time, mom made several request of Auntie Sharon, 1) to ask the owner to wait so ‘we’ (I wished it was just ‘I’ not we) can rush to the park. Mom also has Auntie Sharon find out 2) if one of them is Badger (she said deep down inside, she has a very storng feeling that one of the bull terrier is Badger…… I think humans call this feeling - intuition).
Biiiiingo she was right, it is Badger. So, the more she want to go and meet him.

She drove like a crazy woman to the park - HEY, I didn't have a seat belt on.
Well, we met at the park, humans exchange numbers, and pictures were taken and the ‘you know who and who with which bull terrier and the you know how stubborn these bulls are, etc etc

Toro_Scuba_Badger (6May @ park)Toro, Moi and Badger

Pardon the 'space out' look Hey I not only look sleepy, I am sleepy. But I got loads of hugs from Badger’s new owner so I guess that made me a happy boy.

When we got back, I was given a treat for being a Good Boy and mom went to upload the pictures and send it to the breeder down in Australia and Badger’s owner.

Guess everyone is happy. I am particularly proud of my mom for following up. Bravo to her.

Now I can add 2 more bullies to my list of friends.

3bullies%28web%29 3 Bullies Subca Tammy 01

I am so glad Badger has found a loving home.

(I overheard my mom telling all my Aunties that now she has found a Bull Terrier breeder, she may consider having a puppy. I shall blame Helios)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Does Size matter?

Size didn’t seem to matter to me, until ………………… I met Rosco

Oh my god he made me look like a midget.
Rosco (Great Dane) & Scuba
How long does it take to grow into that size?????? How much must I eat to grow to that size????? Ohhhhhhhh uuuuyeeeee He is so much BIGGER than me

Rosco although huge is really a softie and I am beginning to like him. The good thing about him is, he is good to have around tables (with food). Bet if I ask him to ‘knock’ all the food down, he would.

On the other paw, I think I am happy to be with friends who are slightly bigger than me.
medium size dogs

Or better still – smaller than me.

I wonder how Jack and Joey feels to be next to Rosco!!!!! He must be a GIANT.