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Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to Singapore

On April 09th, I posted that my godpapa was visiting me. He arrived last weekend and immediately wanted to see me.

We both have so much fun together. Mom said he spoils me too much and, why shouldn’t I be treated this way?

We both had been going out together (you know doing the boys things and I believe my mom is soooooooooo very jealous of me).

For the many friends and their owners who know me, I normally ‘trance’ at the park and my middle name is ‘STATUE’. For some strange reason, I feel alive with him around and this bout of energy just came from nowhere.

Like last Sunday, he took me to the park and I had so much fun. It was like a bull terrier gathering cos Badger and Toro were there. It was quite a sight and people around were so amazed to see us play..

Yes, we are fearless and energetic and are not for the fainthearted but we have the ability to amuse you with our clownish antics and are friendly toward people and other dogs so I don’t see why the humans make so much fuss about the bull terriers.

See I love humans and dogsWhat+a+party

And here is me running with other dogsgroup-p2

Now back to my godpa’s visit……
The highlight of my time with him – SLEEPING. Being a heavy boy of 23+kgs, not many human will carry me and let me sleep on their lap (plus a couple of kisses and hugs here and there while being - on his lap) Ohhhhhh!!!!! he is the sweetest person.

So comfy with my godpa

The other thing I love about him is, he does not agree with my mom’s training (I won’t even go there to tell you what she does to me when I am ‘naughty’). He said to her “Yes, this breed requires a firm hand and patience. With positive training, they will learn although sometimes, they get a little stubborn”.

He keeps telling mom that she should from now practice PAWSITIVE training with me ………Phew!!!! I can’t imagine him see how Auntie G punish Jack & Joey or Auntie S with Herbie and Helios.

We are pawfect for each other and I love him so very much.

Wonder if mom will let me go to Boston with him??????

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