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Friday, December 30, 2005

A trip to the reservoir with Rafv and J&J and a response to Joey's posting

What is this when the human says "You can run but you can't hide". Uncle Marc and Auntie J spotted us.....didn't see M&M in the car though or maybe we were distracted by the monkeys.

You will not believe this. I came home with blistered paw pad (everyone laughs at me and think I am just plain lazy. It hurts real bad). The good thing is I got a really nice massage coz Auntie S told mom that my muscles are aching....hehe.

Yes my daddy introduce Rafv to the monkeys and Rafv is crazy over them.

Rafv told me he is not so fond of dogs these days because his daddy and mommy are always putting him on leash so maybe better luck with the monkeys. I was just going to tell the monkeys that Rafv wants to be their friend - not working with Rafv as partners in crime. I guess these humans and humanlike form (the monkeys) don't understand our language. Why do you think J&J kept quiet hehe YES!!! they understand me.

I am always happy when I can pick up a BIG stick (Joey, you can tell eh! besides the ding dong part).

Poor you Joey but look on the brighter side, some dogs stayed at home while we had the chance to go out and have some fresh air.

As for me, I came home and find comfort in my yellow monkey at home (quite tame this one, does not climb trees or lamp post and will also play with my other friend Tommy)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I wonder why people are so frighten of me. Hehe but I had fun yesterday

Uncle Caster came by yesterday afternoon to pick me and Sam up to go East Coast Park. Auntie Sam was not feeling too good so mom went instead. I beg mom to go pick Herbie as his mom was busy (acutally, Uncle Caster said there were loads of food for human and dogs).

We were early so we took a stroll. I can't believe the people around me, they all went crazy with my presence - either pulling their dogs and/or children away when they see me (I hope to think it is my muscle they were worried about). While waiting for my other friends to come, we had a rest at Coffee Bean. In a while, Chewie and Lolo came by and sat with us. Uncle Caster thought we were well behave (it was hot what do you expect!!!) so he went and got us treats from a doggie treat vending machine.

There was a lady over at the next table (with no dog only her boyfriend). She was so sweet (I know coz I tried to kiss her). She came up to mom and gave her a big packet of doggie sausage treats. YUMMY.

Then came Buddy (Tommy's 'best' friend).

Mom left me with all the uncles and aunties. She had a dinner to go to.

The exercise begin................ we were all taken for a looooooooooooong walk. By the time I reach the end, I refused to walk back. There was no Auntie Sam to pick me up and carry me back. Guess who made me walk back. Bingo you are right, Uncle Caster - he tied the sausage treat on a stick (like hanging a carrot in front of me) haha so I played along with it and darn, I walked back.

3 of my other friends haven't turn up yet. Where is Joey and Jack and Tommy?

Finally when the sky grew darker, J&J came (Reason for being late - their mom had something on). Uncle Marcus and Auntie Winnie and Tommy came together with J&J.

I was too tired to play with J&J and Tommy. I was tooooooo exhausted from the long walk so apologise for my rude behaviour for going to sleep in the corner while you guys had fun.

I was woken up by Uncle Caster's voice - scolding Rafv. Rafv was you know doing what with a schnauzer and Tommy took the opportunity to go after Rafv. My brother Rafv's face was as black as charcoal after that.

Thank goodness the rain came. Hooray!!! - me can go back for dinner and bed. Rafv can find a place where there is no humiliation and punishment.

Poor Rafv was so manja when mom came home. Complaining to her about how he was treated by his dad. Mom ask Uncle Caster to let Rafv stay over and he agreed.

The weather look ok so I guess I will see you guys at park tonight.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who delivered Chili - Is it Santa or The Stork?

Happy Birthday to the Christmas doggie - Chili.

Before Chili came to the park, I was having fun with this brown dog (I don't know his name). His mommy / owner was absolutely nervous when I encourage (by barking) him to play. All my friends know I only bark when I am happy but they don't know.

Last night, my mom was so proud of me. Hehe I decided to play with the other dogs (NO PLASTIC BAG). Thanks to Rafv, I also had a little go at Suger.

The birthday cake is YUMMY. Thank you Auntie Hsiao Xi and Uncle Stanley.

Herbie almost 'knocked down' 2 cyclists. That would be fun wouldn't it. The brakes from the bicycles could be heard a zillion miles away.

I heard from Auntie G that Tara was injured a couple of nights ago. Wonder how she is doing. Poor girl.

The sky look dark today so maybe no park this evening. Wonder if mom will ask my friends' moms and dads over????.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My friends are interested in my (female) neigbour

Yesterday, I was all ready to go to the park. While waiting for the lift, my mom picked up her mobile phone, read the message, turn to me and said "Sweetheart, we are not going to the park. Sorry". Huh ??? No reason given.

She spent a good full day cooking yesterday. She bought back many many black looking things that crawl (they smell like the sea and I think they call it crabs). While they were cooking, I was too frighten to use my precious nose to smell anything intensively coz whatever they were cooking, made me sneeze (something about the curry and the crab).

Anyway, back on the subject title. Some of my friends came over. Fortunately or unfortunately, they were not interested in playing with me. They were interested in my neighbour - Snow (she is a Siberian Husky and is the time of the 'moon').

I never hear Rafv whine so much. He sound as though he is in pain or sick. One of my mom's friend said he is Love Sick. Poor Rafv. Auntie Ryoko scolded Rafv many times and keep saying "NO, NO LITTLE RAFVs"

As usual, the party went on until late (I didn't see my mom in the room until midnight). As for me, I was sleeping.

I am definitely going to park today. Today is Chili's birthday and I am invited.

Monday, December 12, 2005

In response to my good friend - Herbie's post on his blog

My mom (sometimes she is very gwei loh in her thinking). She thinks all 'kids' must be in bed by 9.30pm (she said if I am human, I will have to be in bed by 7.30pm). So don't blame me for being a bad host, blame my mom.

You may notice I dare not even go into the bedroom for fear my fur friends will open up all the presents.

Hehe but this morning, before mom left for work she was SO SUPER angry with Pepper. He tried to open Auntie Shane's and Uncle Mark's (Huskee's owners - they are friends of my mom and Huskee is my friend - but he only came to my house once).

So Guys - let me tell, all your pressies are under the tree. Don't say I don't tell you. I saw mom and Auntie Sam wrapping them up and mom says "Sam this is for so and so and so and so". If you don't want your pressies to be rip open by my siblings, you better come and give my mom the "can I have my Christmas presents please Auntie Viv look"

Talking about opening pressies, I can only open Christmas presents on Christmas day although I am allow to open one on Christmas midnight.

Herbie - I knew they were going to make fun of you so I seize the opportunity to steal the silly looking red hat and try to chew it to pieces. Unfortunately mom saw and rescue it darn.

Yes Auntie Ryoko has lovely hats and she is always so happy to share her hats and other things with us.

Don't you all agree, Herbie look so cool with the goggles.

Actually our moms and dads lined us up to make us sing Christmas carols and Uncle Caster was to be the conductor but he failed miserably.

The other good thing I know Rafv and Tommy do well is 'BANG'. Like them, I am also good at 'BANG' (or playing dead). So good until Auntie Sharon said rigor mortis set in hahahahaha.

See you all at park

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thank goodness I had my friends!

After feeling depressed for a few days over losing my mum, I finally decided that I should stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with my doggy life. Well, there are dogs in worse condition than me.. such as those in orphanage and those homeless who don't have proper meals like me (beef, chicken liver rice supplemented by flax seed.)

And, best of all, I found a new friend in the park! Actually, I have seen him before (or rather hear him often as he is always barking and whining... hehe) but never had the chance to properly 'talk' to him. He is Bobby, a cross MS and Poodle. I had so much fun talking and playing with him. A few times, I got carried away and pushed him too roughly, and he will retaliate by screaming at me.

Bobby and I

Than, we decided to continue to have fun at Herbie's home. I am sure you guys already know about Herbie's embarrassing incident and I shall not say further. Anyway, I played with Tommy for a long while. Here's the pictures:

Tommy eating my head!

Tommy eating my arms!

Look at my scarred face!

Well, I really had lots of fun last night..... at least I will be tired and will not spend sleepless night thinking about my mum having fun in HK without me.