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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who delivered Chili - Is it Santa or The Stork?

Happy Birthday to the Christmas doggie - Chili.

Before Chili came to the park, I was having fun with this brown dog (I don't know his name). His mommy / owner was absolutely nervous when I encourage (by barking) him to play. All my friends know I only bark when I am happy but they don't know.

Last night, my mom was so proud of me. Hehe I decided to play with the other dogs (NO PLASTIC BAG). Thanks to Rafv, I also had a little go at Suger.

The birthday cake is YUMMY. Thank you Auntie Hsiao Xi and Uncle Stanley.

Herbie almost 'knocked down' 2 cyclists. That would be fun wouldn't it. The brakes from the bicycles could be heard a zillion miles away.

I heard from Auntie G that Tara was injured a couple of nights ago. Wonder how she is doing. Poor girl.

The sky look dark today so maybe no park this evening. Wonder if mom will ask my friends' moms and dads over????.

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