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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I wonder why people are so frighten of me. Hehe but I had fun yesterday

Uncle Caster came by yesterday afternoon to pick me and Sam up to go East Coast Park. Auntie Sam was not feeling too good so mom went instead. I beg mom to go pick Herbie as his mom was busy (acutally, Uncle Caster said there were loads of food for human and dogs).

We were early so we took a stroll. I can't believe the people around me, they all went crazy with my presence - either pulling their dogs and/or children away when they see me (I hope to think it is my muscle they were worried about). While waiting for my other friends to come, we had a rest at Coffee Bean. In a while, Chewie and Lolo came by and sat with us. Uncle Caster thought we were well behave (it was hot what do you expect!!!) so he went and got us treats from a doggie treat vending machine.

There was a lady over at the next table (with no dog only her boyfriend). She was so sweet (I know coz I tried to kiss her). She came up to mom and gave her a big packet of doggie sausage treats. YUMMY.

Then came Buddy (Tommy's 'best' friend).

Mom left me with all the uncles and aunties. She had a dinner to go to.

The exercise begin................ we were all taken for a looooooooooooong walk. By the time I reach the end, I refused to walk back. There was no Auntie Sam to pick me up and carry me back. Guess who made me walk back. Bingo you are right, Uncle Caster - he tied the sausage treat on a stick (like hanging a carrot in front of me) haha so I played along with it and darn, I walked back.

3 of my other friends haven't turn up yet. Where is Joey and Jack and Tommy?

Finally when the sky grew darker, J&J came (Reason for being late - their mom had something on). Uncle Marcus and Auntie Winnie and Tommy came together with J&J.

I was too tired to play with J&J and Tommy. I was tooooooo exhausted from the long walk so apologise for my rude behaviour for going to sleep in the corner while you guys had fun.

I was woken up by Uncle Caster's voice - scolding Rafv. Rafv was you know doing what with a schnauzer and Tommy took the opportunity to go after Rafv. My brother Rafv's face was as black as charcoal after that.

Thank goodness the rain came. Hooray!!! - me can go back for dinner and bed. Rafv can find a place where there is no humiliation and punishment.

Poor Rafv was so manja when mom came home. Complaining to her about how he was treated by his dad. Mom ask Uncle Caster to let Rafv stay over and he agreed.

The weather look ok so I guess I will see you guys at park tonight.


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