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Monday, December 12, 2005

In response to my good friend - Herbie's post on his blog

My mom (sometimes she is very gwei loh in her thinking). She thinks all 'kids' must be in bed by 9.30pm (she said if I am human, I will have to be in bed by 7.30pm). So don't blame me for being a bad host, blame my mom.

You may notice I dare not even go into the bedroom for fear my fur friends will open up all the presents.

Hehe but this morning, before mom left for work she was SO SUPER angry with Pepper. He tried to open Auntie Shane's and Uncle Mark's (Huskee's owners - they are friends of my mom and Huskee is my friend - but he only came to my house once).

So Guys - let me tell, all your pressies are under the tree. Don't say I don't tell you. I saw mom and Auntie Sam wrapping them up and mom says "Sam this is for so and so and so and so". If you don't want your pressies to be rip open by my siblings, you better come and give my mom the "can I have my Christmas presents please Auntie Viv look"

Talking about opening pressies, I can only open Christmas presents on Christmas day although I am allow to open one on Christmas midnight.

Herbie - I knew they were going to make fun of you so I seize the opportunity to steal the silly looking red hat and try to chew it to pieces. Unfortunately mom saw and rescue it darn.

Yes Auntie Ryoko has lovely hats and she is always so happy to share her hats and other things with us.

Don't you all agree, Herbie look so cool with the goggles.

Actually our moms and dads lined us up to make us sing Christmas carols and Uncle Caster was to be the conductor but he failed miserably.

The other good thing I know Rafv and Tommy do well is 'BANG'. Like them, I am also good at 'BANG' (or playing dead). So good until Auntie Sharon said rigor mortis set in hahahahaha.

See you all at park

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Rafv said...

hehe. That was fun night! and silly pepper... how dare to open Shane and Mark's presents on behalf?(Tearing the paper is fun part..) Oh, wait! I heard my mum can open her present before the day? She got special treatment from Antie V?

Me has not time to buy lapping paper yet. Give me somemore time, guys, to pass the present to you!