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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My friends are interested in my (female) neigbour

Yesterday, I was all ready to go to the park. While waiting for the lift, my mom picked up her mobile phone, read the message, turn to me and said "Sweetheart, we are not going to the park. Sorry". Huh ??? No reason given.

She spent a good full day cooking yesterday. She bought back many many black looking things that crawl (they smell like the sea and I think they call it crabs). While they were cooking, I was too frighten to use my precious nose to smell anything intensively coz whatever they were cooking, made me sneeze (something about the curry and the crab).

Anyway, back on the subject title. Some of my friends came over. Fortunately or unfortunately, they were not interested in playing with me. They were interested in my neighbour - Snow (she is a Siberian Husky and is the time of the 'moon').

I never hear Rafv whine so much. He sound as though he is in pain or sick. One of my mom's friend said he is Love Sick. Poor Rafv. Auntie Ryoko scolded Rafv many times and keep saying "NO, NO LITTLE RAFVs"

As usual, the party went on until late (I didn't see my mom in the room until midnight). As for me, I was sleeping.

I am definitely going to park today. Today is Chili's birthday and I am invited.

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Rafv said...

Yap,bro. I am so crazy over your neigbour dog,snow. She is damn sexy! When I played with her, I can just hug her, not more than that... cz of mummy... No little rafvs thingy.. sigh..

Well, you know what, I have got a chance to eat very tender pork chunk at yesterday's dinner table. That was perfectly yummy. Oops, you are not there! keke

Your place is like wonder land! ahh, maybe doggy's heaven..