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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thank goodness I had my friends!

After feeling depressed for a few days over losing my mum, I finally decided that I should stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with my doggy life. Well, there are dogs in worse condition than me.. such as those in orphanage and those homeless who don't have proper meals like me (beef, chicken liver rice supplemented by flax seed.)

And, best of all, I found a new friend in the park! Actually, I have seen him before (or rather hear him often as he is always barking and whining... hehe) but never had the chance to properly 'talk' to him. He is Bobby, a cross MS and Poodle. I had so much fun talking and playing with him. A few times, I got carried away and pushed him too roughly, and he will retaliate by screaming at me.

Bobby and I

Than, we decided to continue to have fun at Herbie's home. I am sure you guys already know about Herbie's embarrassing incident and I shall not say further. Anyway, I played with Tommy for a long while. Here's the pictures:

Tommy eating my head!

Tommy eating my arms!

Look at my scarred face!

Well, I really had lots of fun last night..... at least I will be tired and will not spend sleepless night thinking about my mum having fun in HK without me.


Rafv said...

Scuba found a new friend... Me have not found new one... As long as you can play with me at home, it's okay to flirt around outside..

Petty R...

Huskee Boy said...

Scuba.. i am glad u r not feeling depressed anymore.. but it's my turn to be depressed as i heard my wife saying that my daddy and mummy are going to HK to stay with your mummy!!! what's it in HK that's attracting all these humans there?! i am so upset... my parents abandoned me!! i am just a wee bit better than u.. i have my wife to sleep with me at night. but she's threatening to sterilise me if i misbehave again... i must behave.. my 'family jewels' are important to me... all boys..*ahem* MEN out there know what i mean... oh yah... my wife is a little upset about ur new found friendship with u-know-who.. u better explain urself to her... hey.. am i sharing my wife with you??? hmmmm.....