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Friday, December 30, 2005

A trip to the reservoir with Rafv and J&J and a response to Joey's posting

What is this when the human says "You can run but you can't hide". Uncle Marc and Auntie J spotted us.....didn't see M&M in the car though or maybe we were distracted by the monkeys.

You will not believe this. I came home with blistered paw pad (everyone laughs at me and think I am just plain lazy. It hurts real bad). The good thing is I got a really nice massage coz Auntie S told mom that my muscles are aching....hehe.

Yes my daddy introduce Rafv to the monkeys and Rafv is crazy over them.

Rafv told me he is not so fond of dogs these days because his daddy and mommy are always putting him on leash so maybe better luck with the monkeys. I was just going to tell the monkeys that Rafv wants to be their friend - not working with Rafv as partners in crime. I guess these humans and humanlike form (the monkeys) don't understand our language. Why do you think J&J kept quiet hehe YES!!! they understand me.

I am always happy when I can pick up a BIG stick (Joey, you can tell eh! besides the ding dong part).

Poor you Joey but look on the brighter side, some dogs stayed at home while we had the chance to go out and have some fresh air.

As for me, I came home and find comfort in my yellow monkey at home (quite tame this one, does not climb trees or lamp post and will also play with my other friend Tommy)


rafv mum said...

What happened to your paw? walk too much? keke. Please tell rafv that Monkies might not want to be friend of his.. I told him but he didn't listen what I said as usual..

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