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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year or Hogmanay

When my dad was around, he would call the New Year's celebration Hogmanay and his kinsmen would sing Auld Lang Syne after, but now I only hear New Year's celebration - no singing but loads of sparkles and poppers (that would frighten Rafv but I like the sparkles).

Whatever they call it, I had fun yesterday. Herbie, Jack, Joey, Rafv and Tommy came over to spend the last day of 2005 and the first day of 2006 with us (Ginger, Pepper and I).

Mom was very busy yesterday morning and afternoon and she ignored Rafv and I. She didn't know we were salivating from the smell of all the meat around. She was preparing food for the BBQ. I heard her saying like "Ok, I will marinate the beef with beer, the lamb with rosemary, the pork (especially for Auntie G) with garlic and soy sauce etc etc". As though Rafv and I care - just give us the meat why fuss over them.

Oh........then late in the afternoon, the rain came and poor mom couldn't believe it. I didn't mind the rain for 2 obvious reasons.
1) I don't need to walk to the park (paws still sore)
2) Maybe all my friends and I can have all the uncook meat

Bad news for me and friends, the rain stopped.

Herbie and Tommy were the first to arrive then followed by Jack and Joey much later (they told me their HC was tired or lazy so didn't bring them earlier)

Finally they had their BBQ last night and thank goodness, we were not allowed into the bbq area or we will definitely be hot dogs. Auntie S took care of all of us (she made us beef tendons).

Mr and Mrs Vijay came too.

We are so loved that all the toast were made with us DOGGIES in mind (that was Uncle Caster's idea).

All our moms and dads came back to my house at about 12.30am (of course I was in bed - where else!!!!! after all it is passed my bedtime). Mrs Vijay and Auntie S came to my room to say hello........hehe......I was sleeping. After, mom thought I was awfully rude for being a BAD host so she drag me out of bed to say hello to all the aunties and uncles. I hated it at first but then I discovered Uncle Marcus was having food so I stick around him all the time. Of course he fed me and Tommy too.

Not sure what time but after a while, everyone started to say goodbye and off they went. Me back to bed.

Happy New Year to all
(Guys, come end of the month, it will be the YEAR OF THE DOG - that's us)
We will drink and eat to that


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rafv mum said...

Happy New year from japan. I got a call from your mum on the midnight of 2005, but believe it or not, Line is too busy at the time here, I could not call back.. So sad. and so bladdy cold here. I hate here. Anyway, tell your mum for being so sweet. I miss all of you all too...