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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I think Uncle Caster can do a better job + what happened over the weekend

I don't mind my new look at Rafv's blog. If mom has her way, she would like to draw 2 red circles over over beady eyes. Isn't the 'Target mascot" soooo cute.

I bet I look so adorable when I was a little pup.

Mom said I have to take my annual booster. So, last weekend, I went to see one of my fav people - Dr H L Tan. I was happy to see him just as he was happy to see me. He checked me out by pressing all over my body, open my mouth (I thought for one moment, he was going to lick or kiss me) but he didn't. After that, he gave me a jab. I think he has lost his skills giving injections since he has so many other vets working for him. Boy did it hurt when he plunge this thingy into me. Of course I cried out....................then he called me a Softie.

On my way to the car, we stop at the pet shop and mom spend a total of S$140+ there. Great more treats for me (and possibly my friends).

C'mon over guys what are you waiting for


Rafv said...

Mind you. My daddy will do it again on your face... He actually saw the one white dog having a eyebrow painted by tatoo or lasting marker pen! He laughed till his stomach pain. Better be careful, Scupu. Next victim will be you again.. (Because you are in white!) haha


cylon said...

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