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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My mom is not talking to me

I think I have been a bad bad boy.

I woke mom up like 6X to pee and poo. Don't think she mind me waking her up but on my last pee, that was the end of me.

Was having a bad dream (can't remember what it was now) but I think I was dreaming that my friends and our moms and dads went walking at Bishan. Somehow in the dream, Auntie Ryoko was carrying me in her arms (she must have miss me so much). I decided to jump off her and went for a pee on the grass.

Ho and behold, I peed on the carpet. Mind you I thought I was still dreaming when mom shouted at me "SCUBA YOU BAD BOY. WHY AND WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING. BAD BAD BOY" then followed by the spanking (in other words whatever mom can lay her hands on, she was at me).

Ever since then, she has not spoken to me. I am now a very frighten puppy (wish my friends were here). She promised me a rawhide last night but I haven't got one yet.
(So I guess Rafv, Tommy and Herbie were lucky to have a rawhide last night). I tried to give her my pathetic beady eye look, tried to snuggle close - NOTHING WORKS.

If you guys are reading this, can you tell your mom to tell her I am sorry. Accident do happen.

Wonder if she will bring me out later?

Please help


Herbie said...

Don't worry Scuba, I've spoken to Aunty V and she said she has forgiven you. Just make sure you poo in the proper place tonight!

Rafv said...

Dear Antie V,

Scuba is living in his world. He ever told me that human have to clean the shit situation in his world... Don't worry, I will tell him that he moved to your world now so have to adapt to your world reguration...


Joey said...

oh... your mummy giving you the silent treatment? Luckily, HC will whacked me but after a while she will start to talk to me again.Poor scuba, next time telephone me and I will talk to you instead.
Now.. where is my two paper cups and string? i gonna make a phone line with scuba.. mmmmmm...

Rafv said...

Joey, it is easy to teach Scuba how to ask Sam to dial your number.. I sometime ask mum to dial Scuba's house number to discuss with him about play plan, you know.


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Anonymous said...

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