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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home sweet home

First I want to thank all my friends, aunties and uncles for your well wishes. Not forgetting my caretakers at Mt Pleasant – Dr H L Tan, Auntie Ling, Auntie Concordia and Uncle Richard. Ooooooh yes my new friends (I was told by mom) – Ice, Mark and Cream.

Bet mom will make sure I don’t touch any ox parts for a long time. Can’t understand why this animal only feed on grass and they grow so huge (even the bone that got stuck inside me was big).

I was not a happy dog since Friday. After the oxtail in the morning, I went without food for 4.5days.

Sunday (5th March) was a BAD BLACK day for me. Mom took me in to see Dr Tan in the morning. When mom told him I had taken oxtail, Dr Tan said ‘Oxtail – don’t need to say anymore. We have to take an x-ray”. Dr Tan didn’t spare a minute. Immediately after the bone appeared in the x-ray, I was put in a cage and less than an hour, I was fast asleep. When I woke up, I felt uncomfortable and was in pain. I know many aunties and uncles came to see me later but I was too dazed to say hello (sorry for being rude).

Thank you, Auntie G for the cushion. Boy did it help me by making me feel comfortable.

Yesterday afternoon, Uncle Jason came to see me (I thought he was taking me home). He didn’t but brought a towel for me instead. I gave him a few kisses anyway. 3hours later, Auntie Ryoko and Auntie S came to see me. By then I was a wee bit tired so I went to sleep. Auntie R took some pictures of me (in my sorry state). Mom came by around 6. I gave her loads of kisses – was also trying to tell her, I want to go home and I am hungry. Still no food (Herbie you will hate the thought of no food). Guess I am not going home - another night at the hospital. Wonder when I can go home.

This afternoon, mom, Auntie Cindy, Auntie Shane and Uncle Jason came to see me. Mom disappeared to talk to Dr. Tan. For a moment, I thought oh no another night at the hospital. But Auntie Cindy and Auntie Shane kept saying “Scuba you are going home” (but where is mom!!!!).

Then for the first time, I was allowed to come out of the cage. Auntie Concordia put a rope round me (mom said I look like a stray paikia dog with the rope round my neck) and said “Bye Scuba”

………..yawn. I don’t know what is happening to me but I still feel drugged so will continue tomorrow.

I am home though (hungry as usual).



Herbie said...

yippee! Glad to know you're ok! I heard from my M that she'll be bringing me to visit you after park. Cya later!

And ya... I gotta be real careful with bones now. I can't imagine 4.5 days without food!

Ice said...

gosh... Dun u feel famished? poor Scuba... have u lost lots of weight?
from now on, u better dun eat bones... eat Ice.

opps i mean ice CUBES..

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Of course. Definitely, Indeed - I feel famish (feel like fainting all the time)

I feel I have lost about 4kg (1 kg per day). Auntie S told me "Don't worry Scuba, will fatten you up"

Don't think I will have bones at this moment.

Eating Ice can be a bad idea. Dont want the authority to come after me haha

Ice cubes - not a bad idea. My Siberian Husky friends - Chewie and Rafv love them

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Scuba, I just found the post that explained what happened.... OMG...I take it you had a blockage from the oxtail.... I rarely get oxtails because it is super expensive here, but I think after reading this post, I"ll never get them again. I think it is ok for the smaller dogs since they are too small to swallow them whole, and even tho I dont' usually swallow bones whole, I don't think mum would want to take the chance. Thanks for sharing big guy!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade