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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bully came to play with me

Scuba wz BT toy(Aug04)
I was sleeping with my favorite toy and was dreaming of bull terriers playing

Bud_Bul_Scub 3 Bullies

….when ………


Bully awakened me.
At Scuba's home1
Mom decided to take this picture of us (with my sleepy droopy eyes)

I have never seen a dog so full of energy (Auntie G calls her a hurricane and Uncle C calls her a missile).

1) She insist on dancing with me
Shall we dance

2) Playing with me (non- stop)

3) Kising me

4) Demanding that I kiss her back (FEMALES arghh)
Bully kissing me

Phew!!!! That was tiring. Finally she allowed me to rest
Scuba and Bully 2gether

She left the next day and I am missing her. Wonder when she is coming back to play with me.


Rafv said...

Scuba - your last pix is so "private" scene... My face turned red red!! heehehe


Studly Dudley said...

Hey Scuba
Your new girlfriend looks just like you!! She's really purty.. you're quite lucky, and I'm jealous.
I wish I could find me a bulldog girlfriend :P


Fu Fu said...

Scuba, that's some fun dream you have there...

~ fufu

Tommy said...

Someone is attached hor..

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Rafv - We got to do what the boys got to do. Give loads of hugs to the females (in this case, calm Bully down)

Dudley - Yes she does look like me except for the brindled right ear. Don't be jealous. You will find a bulldog girlfriend very soon.

Fu fu - haha but they are real.

OH MY GOD, TOMMY - you suddenly popped up and I am SOOOOO Surprised. Well not exactly attached. I still prefer playing with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwhh Scuba, you guys looked so cute sleeping together!! Maybe you should get your own little sister??

By the way, I REALLY REALLY need an e-mail address from you to get the X-mas exchange list to you. Can you please either PM me on the bone zone, or e-mail me, or drop it off at my house, or call me with it? Thanks!!


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Watch out Scuba - she's gonna start demanding you spend "quality" time with her....pretty soon you won't have time to see the guys!

She is cute tho....

Bussie Kissies

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Scuba,

Can you please drop me an email at with your details if you still want to participate in the DWB Xmas Card Exchange - we seem to have misplaced your details :-(

Thanks buddy !


Anonymous said...

hey scuba,

wow! you two have so much fun. now i wish i can play with miss chiyo too...

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like GREAT fun! You sure are a cutie!

Sam Iam said...

how purty she is !`
YOU have the same dreams I have .they are so real.sniff-sniff

Lots of Lick's

Bond said...

Scuba, is she your girlfriend ?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Scuba! You sure look like you are having fun - except I don't like the sound of all that girly kissing!

Marv :0) ps I have put your link on my Blogs too!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Ms Sunshade - No little sister (I may end up with another cat sibling). Email sent and acknowledged.

Hi Buster - I only spend quality time with 1 female (MY MOM). Of course I have time to see the guys (it's a boy's thing)

Hey Opy - Done (don't misplace it again)

Boo - of course you can play with Ms Chiyo (she is in Singapore isn't she. C'mon down then)

Hello Cubby - You are not so bad yourself. Did I tell you, mom love the look of Boxers

Sam - maybe we will dream of each other.

Bond - Girlfriend (what is that??)

Hiya Marvin - Aye I am having fun.

Jay said...

Scuba, are you in love yet?


e said...

awwwww that last pic was really sweet. You both are a gorgeous couple!

We're in the DWB Xmas Card Exchange too so we thought we'd drop by to see what was going on in ScubaToo the Muscle Boy's life.

Fei is in Singapore right now where she has to wait another 84 days before we can take her to Japan with us ( export regulations). We miss her heaps. Any idea how we can make time go by quicker?

Eve and Fei

Onion said...

Dear Scuba,
I might be too late for this month (that's what happens when my mistress neglects my blog!) but I've just nominated you for Awesome Blog, because your pictures make me laugh all the time. Great to see another bully who's allowed bully friends. I've met people who won't put two bullies in a room in case there's 'war'. Don't they understand we just like to play properly?

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Jay - I am only in love with my mom

Eve - Thank you for coming forward and introducing yourself. Well if Fei wants another friend (or friends), he can come and play with me and my hangouts. I have been told of the Japanese system - silly isn't it? We are like children to our owners. Why can't the authorities get it!!!!!.

Onion - I know the feeling about neglecting our blog. Well my mom travels quite a bit and she takes the laptop with her which deprive me of blogging. Argh. Thank you for nominating me. What should I do or must I do anything? I am glad my pictures make you laugh. Sad isn't it when Bullies can't play with Bullies. We do play properly (translate that into Bullies' lingo)

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