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Friday, February 17, 2006

News from Home (To my missing mummy)

This post is to update my mummy who is AGAIN away.....

Date : 16/02/2006
Didn't sleep well.
The humans decided to play mahjong after dog run and dinner. They were making so much noise by 'washing' the tiles, and cracking silly jokes. Auntie S decided to let me sleep in the balcony instead of mummy's room. I actually don't mind cos the breeze is wonderful. Unfortunately, for the entire night, LOLO was whining away like a broken record as she was tied up beside me, as she has a habit of peeing on the living room carpets, and her daddy is too busy playing MJ to look after her.

Date : 17/02/2006
Thought I can sleep till later. But at 7.30a.m, Auntie S dragged me out of bed cos J&J is coming over for a doggie day care. Than, I had to be dragged out to the streets to do my morning pee/poo..... arrrgghhhh... I want my bed!!!! Darn, don't think I will get much sleep later too as J&J will be too noisy barking, scavenging for scraps of food, and also RAFV is coming over later.

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Love the update