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Friday, February 24, 2006

Frogs taste yucky

Which is what Scuba told me. I don't know if it's true, since I've never tasted a frog before.

Yesterday at the park, Scuba spied a frog on the other side of the fence and he kept sniffing and barking at it. I don't know what's so fascinating about frogs but Scuba likes them. And I think he's a bit stupid, coz there was a very big gap at the side of the fence where he could have just gone over to get the frog but did he do that? Nooo.... he tried to SQUEEZE himself inbetween the fence to get to the frog. I don't know what is going in in his mind. How in the world can he squeeze his 21kg body past a 5 inch gap?

The rest of the aunties and uncles were going 'Scuba, the other side! There's a big hole at the other side!'. Stupid dog. In the end Aunty S had to go over and drag him to where the huge gap is so that he can see it.

Anyway, we soon left him to his own devices, until my M noticed he seems to be licking his lips and munching. And all of them went 'where's the frog? Oh no!'. The aunties all went 'eeekkkss' and imagined Scuba eating the frog. Aunty S ran there and tried to pry open his mouth but he refused to open it. I bet everyone was imagining a mushed up frog in Scuba's mouth.

Luckily, Uncle C found the frog, unscathed and still alive a short distance away. Phew, turned out Scuba didn't eat it after all. But the humans think he tried to put it in his mouth but it tasted so bad he spit it out.

I asked Scuba, and he admitted it. He said the frog tastes yucky, and he was trying to rid the after taste in his mouth, which was why he was licking his lips.

Now that I know frogs taste bad, it's one more item off my menu.

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