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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mummy's tearing her hair out....

... trying to set up my blog. At the nagging of Aunty G and Aunty S, she finally decided to help me set up my blog so that I won't be the only dog without a blog. But she got stuck... big time... and had to ask Aunty S to help. Thank you Aunty S for the very nice blog! *kisses*

I'm so happy to have my own blog, and like my home, it's open to my friends. Joey, Herbie and Rafv will help me post my adventures (and I'm sure they will tell on my embarassing moments too) so that Mummy, who is always away on overseas trip, can know what's happening to me.

That's all for now! Will post when something interesting happens!


Rafv said...

Hey, Scupe, me rafv. Don't worry, my mum is same kind of yours.. She asked for help to set up mine. C you at park today!

Anonymous said...

Your mum works so hard to earn $$$ so as to keep u ^_^

Yr mum colleague @ HK
Jennifer ^^

Howdy said...

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