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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Herbie's coming today

I heard from Mummy that Herbie will be coming this afternoon to play. Yeah! I've not seen Herbie for a few days and I miss him. Mummy found out that greedy Herbie is going to help Huskee so she told me to tell Herbie that if he protects me, Mummy will give him food when she comes back. Herbie is such a glutton! He gets distracted over food so easily! He's so not like me... I'm totally focused, and dedicated to any task at hand. Just look at me with plastic bags and you will know.

Anyway, so glad that Herbie's coming. It will be like the last time he came over to stay. Aunty S went on a Honeymoon (what's that? Honey on the moon? Must be yummy!) for 2.5 weeks last month and Herbie came to stay with me. It was just like a holiday camp for him, he says. We just eat, play and sleep whole day. Sometimes Rafv comes over too and we'll have a three-some.

I wonder if Rafv will come today as well...

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