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Friday, November 18, 2005

My mummy is home

Auntie Ryoko told me 2 days ago that my mom will be back on Thursday. I can't tell the name of the days so it does not matter - all I know is mom is coming home soon.

Abracadabra, mom appeared yesterday after Auntie Sam had her food in the afternoon (I think these owners call it lunch). I was sleeping in the room when I heard the door open. So went to do what dogs do - see whose at the door and yes, I was a happy dog. There was mom (with my vegetable treat from Japan bought from HK).

Guess what - after kissing and hugging me (oops I think she forgot my siblings) she left 10mins later and I didn't see her again until the sky was about to get dark, to take Auntie Sam and I to park.

I don't mean to be showing off but I now have 4 outfits - I heard mom telling Auntie Geraldine and Auntie Sharon that I have LVs, Gucci and Burberry (like I care!!!! more treats will be good - at least I can share with Herbie and maybe Tommy). Outfits stops me from doing my fav stunt - leopard crawl.

I think I will be going to Herb's house tonight after park..............Herb - be careful my mom don't get you an outfit. She was told you didn't lick your hotspot (hehe just giving you a heads up).



Anonymous said...

Hi Scuba. glad that ur mommy's home.. my mommy has been doing the disappearing act lately.. always appearing in the evenings and disappearing a while later.. wonder why she's not sleeping with me anymore.. but never mind.. i still have my wife and there's loads of extra space now!!! u better be a good boy and stop doing the leopard crawl or else ur mommy will disappear again!!!

Rafv said...

hey scupe, you got a lots of nice outfit, I saw it. Better be haolian a bit lah! One day, all my fur gone, and get a white skin myself, then I will ask my mum to buy me clothes like yours! R

Herbie said...

Scubs u like the new look my M did for you? I'm accepting payment for my M, u can pay me in rawhides... or the made in japen, bought in HK, brought to S'pore treats... hee hee hee

I think my M is gonna get me clothes from your mummy too... I just hope nothing too girlish. I'm already being mistaken for a girl sometimes...

Anonymous said...

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