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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please don't bully (I am one am I not???) me when my mom is not around

Rafv, Jack, Huskee boy - you are all bad bad boys. You are all embarassing me. Rafv no more chicken for you when you come over. Jack ......I will tell your mummy that Sam do or try to give you treats and Huskee.........hmmmm now I know why your mum and dad left you behind.

Wonder when my mummy is coming home !!!!!!!. I never know coz she only tells Auntie S and not me. I only know when I see Auntie S put nice smelling liquid (I was told it is Mom's fav fragrance) in a burner with a candle (so dangerous these people).

Oh when she comes back, she always bring me treats from Japan. I tried to say domo but always comes out dogmore hehe only Auntie Ryoko understands me because she was the one who tried to teach me.

Herbie - the deal, you are on.

Ok enough of this, my paws hurt and time for my afternoon nap.



Rafv said...

hey scupe, When did I bully you? when I was a bad boy? uum, I can not remember leh... So pls ask S not stop to give me chiken?(I beg you...) hheem, Godma is coming back! I wonder she prepare maton bone for me again?!.....

Ryoko said...

Scuba! I told you to say "Arigatou!" to your mum. Be a polite boy. Well, You better not to forget next time..or else I will spank you using your mum's cane!(oops! your mum so firece?)keke