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Monday, November 14, 2005

Ding Dong.... you've got visitors

Rafv and herbie came over on Saturday to play.

That greedy Herbie, only played for 5 minutes when he came in, then he went off after Aunty Sam into the kitchen. Aunty Sam gave him a rawhide and when I wanted to go over and sniff, Aunty S pulled me away. I wonder why they never let me go near Herbie when he is eating. Maybe they're afraid I will snatch his food away.

Aunty Sam told Aunty S that I've put on weight. Aunty S thinks that I'm gonna fight with Herbie for the heavyweight title... but I'm such a good boy. I never, ever fight. I'm supposed to be a lean, mean, fighting machine and people are all scared of my fierce looks. In actual fact, I'm a lean, mean, loving machine and I'm actually quite blur most of the time.

Hey! Who turned out the lights??

Anyway, back to Saturday, I'm glad that I don't have to give Herbie half my dinner. Aunty Sam made enough food for all of us. I was sooooo sleepy by night time that I did not even say goodbye when Herbie went home.

Herbie, hope you've had a wonderful time with me, I know I have. Come around soon!

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