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Monday, November 14, 2005

The Silent FART

I am writing this on behalf of Scuba as he claim that his fingers are too fat to type (yeah rite.. lazy bum)

Scuba says:

I am sure everyone knows grouchy old man, Jack rite? Well, many have said that he looks like my son (good grief). I must say that I am quite terrified at his bad temper as he is always yelling and screaming at me for no reason.

Anyway, I have been plotting to get back at him. And the chance came last night.

Auntie G came to pick Auntie Sam and I to the park. I then hatched a plan, and summoned all my internal stomache muscles to give a good, silent and deadly fart. My plan was to make everyone thinks that it is Jack who farted as he always, always farts (according to Auntie G and Joey). MMMMMMMM..... urrrgggggh...oh yes.... boooooooop... (there goes the deadly but silent fart)

after a while, Auntie G & Sam complained.. "who farted???" and wound down the windows for a full five mins. (hehe)
After a while Auntie Sam said.. "I think Scuba farted.. cos smelled like his". and Auntie G, agreed, "yes... Jack one does not smell like that.".

Damn..... can someone tell me does fart really have different smell? Can someone really differentiate whose dog fart what smell?

And I can hear Jack sniggering away.. luckily I had my eyes closed and head hunging down the seat..... damn .....


Rafv said...

I can identify your fart smell. You often do at my dad's car as well.. One time, I was scolded by mum because of you, damn...

Huskee Boy said...

It's Huskee Boy here!!! you are such a lousy schemer.. *tsk tsk* a shame to our fellow brothers of the canine world. the trick is to leave the scene of the crime after farting (which means u CANNOT do it in an enclosed area).. that way, it'll take longer for the smelly gas to diffuse through the air and by the time anyone smells it, it wouldn't be so strong.. as least they can't recognise that it's yours!!!! i always do it when everyone is about to fall asleep.. that way, they are too tired to run away or scold me hahaha they won't remember it the next morning too! Yes, the humans CAN recognise the smell.. my wife always knows it's me.. they claim that there is a SPECIAL smell... (whatever....)