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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Dog is still Man’s Best Friend

My friend Chewie was featured in yesterday’s national newspaper. I can’t read so I asked Auntie S to read and tell me what was written in the newspaper.

If you have been reading my blog, you will remember I posted about Chewie back in March last year. Time flies and I am glad there is closure. If you wish, the link to my short post last year:

Chewie ST
I am glad justice has been done for Chewie.

I am sure there are many humans out there who must have read the article. Some may be standing on Chewie’s and Uncle J’s side whilst some may do otherwise. That is ok for everyone is entitled to their opinion.

After his discharge from Doggie Hospital, Chewie came to my house to recuperate and I had been with him - talking to him trying to make him happy, until the day we went home. Our owners decided Chewie was not going back to his home to recuperate and convinced Uncle J to let him stay at my place. Uncle J agreed.
Not many people know but Mom grew fond of Chewie and was sadden the day Chewie went home.

Chewie discharged 3
His first week after discharged

Chewie can lie on his left side after spending a few months in the playpen.

If you have seen his condition, you will feel that NO DOG should be treated like that i.e. beaten by some sick psycho.

Why am I calling this person a psycho?

- how can a man have a female name as a surname ( joking)

- how can a normal person beat a living thing when he / she / it is defenseless (Chewie was tied to grille)

- how can a normal human ‘trick’ his future mother in law into paying for his petrol and meal (bet you guys didn’t know that. Chewie told me one afternoon. Chewie didn’t like the way his grandma was treated)

- how can a sensible man insist and demand that his future mother in law prepares his morning tea / coffee / breakfast for him.

- how can he continue to whack Chewie with the bamboo pole despite the neighbours shout - begging him to stop.

- How can he offer to buy Uncle J another dog to replace Chewie. For all parents – if your child have behavioral problems, how would you feel if someone says to you “give your child up, there are others in the orphanage. I will find you a better behave one”

- How can one be sure Chewie's aunt won't be beaten up if she ends up marrying him

For those human out there who do not know Chewie, let me give you a brief history. Chewie didn’t have a happy puppyhood. His first owners gave him up. Uncle J felt sorry for him and adopted Chewie. With Uncle J’s love, Chewie was able to socialise with other dogs.

During his recuperation, his close friends and their owners visited him everyday. Friends like Rafv, Joey, Jack, Tommy, Herbie and Buddy (and others whom I do not have their pictures)

Chew's friends

I can tell you even my feline siblings knew he was not well.

For all my human friends out there – please do not ASSUME if you don’t know the whole story.
My dear mom always say – MEDIA HYPE (don’t they get the facts right !!!!)

Just remember ASSUME is – to make a ASS out of U and ME

If anyone wants to know how Chewie is doing? He is doing great. Able to run and hop. He spent last Sunday with us at the beach and even attempted to swim.

He celebrated Christmas at my home last year.

Love, Scuba


edna said...


I read about Chewie in the Straits Times and had been horrified by the story. I had been wondering whether it's the same dog Chewie I've read about in the other blogs.
That man ought to get his ass walloped and sentenced to a longer jail term, he's inhuman. If his fiance/wife makes him angry, would he tie her up and break her leg?
Just glad that Chewie is fine, and hope no other animal has to go through this kind of ordeal.

I really enjoy your blog and those of your other doggy pals. Really nice pics and funny stories. You were so cute in the massage chair pic ... and so human :-).

Anonymous said...

So chewie is find already? happy for him!! :]

Rafv said...

Scubs, we still remember that he can't move properly, even can't lie down to sleep in the first place? I still remember my mum cried for him often.

but hey, he is now in great shape,
we can play as normal, that's so fantastic. we shall cerebrate our bithday together again this year,right?

and your mum is great! give him a TLC so he recover very well!!
Lick lick antie V.


Joe Stains said...

what a sad story, but so happy that he is ok.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Edna - Joey wrote about him too and I think I am confident it is the same Chewie.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I do think I am human at times with the love and attention I get from the humans.

Dear Anonymous - Yes he is. Sometimes he forgets that his left front leg was broken before. LOL

Dear Rafv
I think everyone shed a tear for Chewie when they heard about his ordeal. I remembered mom was in HK when she was told. She called Dr Tan the next morning to ensure he personally look into Chewie's case.

Dear Joe Stains - Thank you for commenting.

kingsley said...

Scuba, please thank your mummy, aunties and uncles for all the TLC that they have shown to Chewie!

It is so easy for people to dismiss or PTS a dog just cos he/she has behaviourial problems.

It takes a bigger heart and a loving home to get a dog a second chance and to stand up for him.

So thank you again for showing me that there are many more good humans than bad ones!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Kingsley
Mom said we should love all living things big or small. Giving TLC to Chewie is only a small part from all of them and they want me to thank you for taking a moment to pen something down.

Belly said...

People can be so messed up sometimes. My sister, Peanut, was beaten real badly before my mom adopted her. Why anyone would want to hurt a dog is beyond me.
Glad Chewie's doing well.

Marvin The Dog said...

such a sad story about Chewie. What awful lives some doggies live.

I can hardly bear to read about it.

Missing you Scuba too!

love and licks Marv.xxxx
so pleased Chewie is ok! You are so kind.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Scuba,
We are so happy that Chewie is doing well. We are so thankful for people like your Hoomans that take the time to love & help poor doggies in need. The man that beat Chewie should be beaten. See how he likes it. He will be repaid with his cruelty some day. Thanks for all of your love to Chewie!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Casey said...

Sorry for posting in your comments section but I couldn't find an email address for you. Can you contact me via email? It's about your blog being listed on our site. Thanks in advance.

Again, sorry if leaving this message here is annoying to anyone reading these comments.

Ike's life said...

Thanks for stopping by my site Scuba. My mom told me that this guy killed a punch of pit bull puppies and threw them in the garbage just to hurt his girlfriend and people around here were really mad and the cops found him and now he faces a bunch of felony charges. People can be real assholes and we are really lucky to have good parents.

Jasper said...

Sad story - made my Momma cry.
Now I need to snuggle up close to her and give her lots of licks and kisses.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Scuba, so sad to read about Chewie's story. He's a nice doggie when I (or rather Eil & fufu #2) met him at last year's spore dblogger's pawty. It's so nice of you and your friends to give him lots of love and care. That toopid guy who hit Chewie really deserve to go to jail.

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Scubs,
Godma told mum abt this but mum was busy so had no time to comment. I sure am glad that scumbag/ a**hole/ b@st@rd (mum say cannot use swear words) got punished - although I felt that he got away lightly.
To Chewie's Aunt: Please wake up from whichever dimension that you are in.. alternatively, start saving for some prothestic legs, you'll need it one day when Mr Pam gets upset.

ice said...

huskee boy, i agree totally!

Scuba, pls give chewie more love on my behalf.. my slave was also very irate when she heard about chewie. she told me that she wish that the person will be struck by lightning..

chester said...

hey scuba,

chewie is so lucky to friends like you doggies and your humans!!! i was horrified when i read the story and it's just really sick to know that such PSYCHOS exist.

please send my doggy love to chewie and i'm hoping to see more pictures of chewie happy and having fun!!

R2K said...

: )

Sunshade said...

That is a sick sick person who needs to see a psychiatrist. Anyone who would beat up on a defenseless being, injuring the animal to the point where he's almost paralyzed.....SICK!

On the other hand, Chewie was lucky to have all you guys taking care of him, and made a good recovery.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Tigerkiller said...

I was one of the humans that assumed as much and wrote in forums that I felt the owner should have been punished as far as the fellow that did the beating... This was because the article placed emphasis that the dog had bit others before and the case was only forwarded to AVA after 4 months due to non-payment.

All other details that you included here was never mentioned. I was happy that Herbie and now you are here to set the record straight. I too have been setting the record straight with other doggie owners that were talking about it.

Many had the same conclusions due to the way and nature the article was written.

Sabra said...

Interesting to know.