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Monday, October 30, 2006


Halloween is one of the oldest holidays dating back to thousand of years.


Halloween was celebrated at my house last Sunday. Welcome to the Halloween doghouse
halloween doghousedoghoust haunted

Mom got pumpkins back and together with Auntie Sam, they made pumpking treats for me and my friends. Do you know pumpkin is a fruit? It helps in the firming of doggies’ stool and also constipation ( a wonder fruit for both needs).

Put some tealight candles inside and see how beautiful it look.
pumpkin light

This is Rafv and I with some Haloween's stuff. I did't quite like the hairband - kinda look silly on me.
Haloween 002

Rafv was made to hold the basket and wear the pumpkin hat (Auntie Ryoko this is specially for you)
Rafv @ haloween

Where are the treats? - in the basket of course and I want to be closer. Can I please?
Scuba and Haloween 002

Yes and I had some and they were yummy. Great with the drinks, on the bar too. Hic Hic (Can doggies have alchohol?)
Scuba and Haloween 006

I think Herbie will post some of his pictures. Go read Herbie's blog


Onion said...

Hi Scuba. I WISH I could try your pumpkin treats. From your face they look delicious! Do come and visit my blog soon -- and see a light dogtastic...

Jay said...

Wow, Scuba. That sounded fun! I'm sure you had many treats that day. :)


Anonymous said...

So THAT'S where my pumpkin head got lost to! I hated wearing it too.

You mean you got away without wearing a costume? You are one smart dog!

Bussie Kissies

mynameisboo said...

hey scuba, just told mom to look at your blog. she is gladful for your information about pumkin!

love the outfit...

wet wet licks... to the outfit!


Studly Dudley said...

Hey Scuba!

You look fantastic in your costume.. very manly =) I hope you got lots of treats from that basket.. mm mm.. best part of Howloweenie, for sure!


Anonymous said...

OHhh Scuuuba, you didn't look very happy about having your ears pressed down by the silly pumpkin hat. You looked much happier with the silly pumpkin hat as a side decoration!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Thank you for all your comments. This is Scuba's mum. Scuba can't blog coz I have the laptop and he must be hating it.

Onion - I saw the light dogtastic. All I can say is I want one.

Jay & Dudley - Scuba had loads of the pumpkin treats. So much so I have to it most away.

Buster - Actually, I didn't get him a costume. Hmmm maybe next year. Do you want your pumpkin head back? I am sure Scuba and all his friends don't mind getting rid of it.

Miss Sunshade - Scuba hate those things on his head. Yes much happier with it by the side and drinks to go with it hic!!!

Rafv said...

Hey, Scupe. Thanks a lot for posting Rafv's photo. He looks very happy even I am not there.. haha. and I am sure that you ate all of Rafv's share of pumpkin treats, Am I right, Scuba??

I am coming back tomorrow to see you. Love you. Meanwhile, you take care of Raffy, yah!!


Fu Fu said...

Scuba, the pumpkins looks scary... And did you really had alcohol. Hee. You look like you had a great treat in the last pic. :)

~ fufu

Fu Fu said...

Oh Scuba, forgot to tell you. We are planning to have a xmas meetup for spore dloggers. Can go to Jay's blog for the details

Hope to see you there. ;)

~ fufu

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hey Scuba,

Looks like HEAPS of fun at your howl-oween party!

Take care buddy!


Anonymous said...

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Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

i love you SCUBAAAAAA

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