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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Where do we go when one or both of our parents go away?

Scuba's house of course!!!!

Gee whiz was I busy trying (you see, I use the word trying, meaning attempting) to play or be a good host to all my friends.

August (beginning) - Tommy
His parents went on their honeymoon (gosh I am not sure this is the number what honeymoom maybe 5th) to Phuket, Thailand

August (end) - Jack & Joey
Auntie G went away for 4days to Bangkok, Thailand.

September - Bully
Her parents went away for a week ALSO to Thailand. I wonder if they were playing a a rock concert somewhere in Thailand

End September beginning October - Rafv and Buddy
Rafv's mummy went back to Japan. He sure miss mummy. He has decided to dream about her. Yes he has been really slack these days, sleeping all the time

Buddy parents were away. Buddy only come in the evening Buddy

Another end September beginning October stay over - Huskee
Huskee was made legitimate during this period. Yes his mama and papa finally got married. Congratulations Auntie S and Uncle M. Oh and also congratulation to Huskee too on your new status. So you are now Huskee Keebo Chan-Lee.
Huskee's ma, maid, grandma and grandpa were worried about Huskee's stay over coz he never ever stay away from his family.
After 3days with us, he didn't want to go home. He was so attached to Auntie S. Everywhere she went, he followed. Auntie S sure have a way with all my friends.


October - this is a scarry scarry thought. MOI
My mom is going away this weekend(where!!! need you ask - THAILAND. What is happening there?) Jack and Joey's HS were there before the coup, Bully's owner were there during the coup and now mom is going after the coup. MUST BE A CONSPIRACY.
Anyway mom, forget it, they have already found an interim Prime Minister.

Whose gonna look after me? Or whose house am I going?

If I have to stay over, can I please not go to Jack & Joey's house...please pretty please. "Dear God I promise to be a good boy. I will come when I am call. I will try not to be a statue at the park. Please god don't let mum put me at J&J's house. I can't stand the thought of SO LITTLE FOOD. If I have a choice, can I go to Herbie's. Thank you God"

Sentosa 23Sep Boy do I not look sad?

This is not the end. Come November, I am going to have Herbie
(hey Herb, how about a deal. I go over this weekend and you can come over in November when your parents go away). Herbie has now learn how to show his teeth. He has been getting special training.


I was horrified (you can see from the expression on my face) that my calm friend has learn the art of aggression. His Art of Aggression is taught by Rafv and Tommy

psssst Herbie told me last night, that his parents are going to China.


Herbie said...

yup.. they're going away again. Do you want to stay over with me this weekend? I think my M is asking the humans over on sat.

Joey said...

woah... Scuba's house seems highly sought after. can I pre-booked on Oct 12? hehe

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Ok ok but first I have to talk to mom n convince Auntie S to let me stay over.

Joey, booking form available soon over the internet.

I heard you guys are coming over to my place tomorrow to celebrate some mooncake festival. Where do the human get the cake? From the moon? Anyway, Auntie Anousheh Ansari didn't go to the moon (only space) so how on earth are they getting this cake? Well I am sure it is good for our consumption too.,

Jay said...

Ok Scuba, seeing your sad sad face, I shall help you pray also! :)

Dear God, please make sure that if Scuba needs to go to someone's place to stay over, please make sure if it NOT J&J's. Herbie is fine! Thank You, God!

Anonymous said...

Scuba, I am sure wherever you end up going your Mommy will back you a suitcase full of treats and toys!!!!

Bussie Kissies

ps Was that really Herbie snarling like that? Wow!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Thank you Jay. Heard you had a fantastic birthday.

Buster - I have never tried staying over at any of my friend's home and I am longing to. I am sure that is fun. When my friends are over, they are treated like princes and princesses (I kid you not). They get fuss all over.

I am afraid, that is Herbie. He told all his friends he gets bully sometimes so Rafv and Tommy have decided to 'train' him. I must say, they are both good trainers. Rafv has also taught him the art of 'body slamming'.

Rafv said...

Oh Scuba. How sad of your face.. When mummy is back, you can stay with me. She will treat you like king.(Ahrr? If I am the king of my house, then you are prince.)

Herbie doing his trainning damn well. Look at his face! I am sure his angry face is much more powerfull than Rafv and Tommy.
He must be the successor of R&T..
So keep it up, to master body slamming too!


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Rafv, don't forget your mummy is my Japanese godma. Of course I get preferential treatment.

Yes Herbie is responding very well to R&T's training program....can't you see the chocolate nose on the left - it is yours.

Huskee Boy said...

Heya Scubs,
Aiyohhh.. why you used thta 'unglam' picture of mine?? After my ma saw it, she declared I need to go for my grooming session soon!! *pouts*..

By the way, pls tell Auntie Sam that I miss her heaps.. Wonder when I can stay over again..

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Anytime Huskee.

You are most welcome at my place ANYTIME

8675309 said...

Scuba, thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE the pics you posted out for those face-chomping goldens!

Anonymous said...

Delete shis text plz. Sorry