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Monday, September 18, 2006

Tagged again - NO WAY!!!!! ( and no escape)

Huskee has tagged me. What is going on??? I don't mind tug but I don't like tag because tugging means play and tagging means I have to say somethig about myself.

See what I mean about tugging. Love the game (jaw exercise)

Now back on the subject matter. They have changed the rule and now, I have to list 5 things that make a true doggie friend..

1) Must not bark at my friends when they are at my main door
2) Always share my food, treats and toys with my friends when they visit or when I see them at the park
3) Generous with licks and kisses for doggies and our owners
4) Stay over welcome when my friends' parents are out of town or need a break
5) High Success rate in 'introducing' my friends to cats

I tag Tommy, Jack (through Joey), Jaffe, Chewie (through Rafv) and Bear Bear.

Good luck.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I have a toy just like that! It is called a flying squirrel. I don't use it like a frisbee tho, I tug on it just like you.

Bussie Kissies

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hi Buster - we have similar toys.
My friend the Golden Retriever love this toy both as a frisbee and tugging. He is selective on who plays tug with him and I am the chosen one

Sam I Am said...
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Sam I Am said...

I always stay real cool...And keep the secret canine rule...To NEVER tell humans and Cats The world is really ruled by DOGS!!!
you make a true doggie friend!!woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey, have you signed into the Dogs with Blogs forum yet? We need you to vote for you fellow Singaporean Magic Fever as the Best Picture of the month!

Show your support! And she is so cute...

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Go check it out - Someone call you a pit bull.

Liberty said...

Hiya Scuba! I got me one of them toys too! My favorite game to play w/that toy is Catch me if you Can! It almost never fails! If mum *does* get it from me, I will occasionally let her throw it so I can catch it and run away!
Airedale Kisses!

Deed Not Breed said...

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