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Monday, September 11, 2006

Condolences to the families of Rocky and Morris

I was told last week that 2 friends whom I have never met – Rocky and Morris had passed on. Mom knew Aunty Marty (Rocky’s mummy), and mom was saddened by the news.

That night before we went to bed, both mom and I just hug each other and we prayed and talked about Rocky and Morris. Mom said they were friends forever (in life and in death) and they are now in a nice place in doggie’s heaven.

Both Rocky and Morris were bullies from Canada and they were STARS in their own special way.

Rocky was a very special dog to Aunty Marty and family. He never failed to put a smile on Aunty Marty’s face. He was always in show rings but he was not allowed to participate because he was nuetered and also he was a funny size - too big for a minature and too small for a standard male. How strange!!! that sounds like me. I am a miniature bull terrier too but often people think I am a standard for I am almost 23kgs (for a miniature). Well at least I know there was someone out there who shared the same fate like me. Besides that, he was also very involved in fundraising for bullies who needed financial aid to ensure they were given a chance to find homes that will love them. BRAVO and three cheers for Rocky.

If you wish to visit Auntie Marty’s website, you may go to: , or click on my link under “ Bull Terrier Shopping Mall”

Aunty Marty, Uncle Fred and Madison sure do miss him loads. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Morris – he is a celebrity. His book will be out soon. If you like to read about him, the book is called “A GUIDE DOG FOR THE THICK – The misadventures of Morris”. The book is written by Morris’ owner Terry Doe

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They were be missed by both of us and all those who knew them. God bless both of them.


Joey said...

My condolences to Rocky's and Morris' family. Take care, and I am sure the two bullies are happily playing over the rainbow bridge.

Herbie said...

Aww... it's sad to learn about their passing, but they've touched the lives of many when they're alive. Their time spent here have not been in vain.

Rafv said...

Dear Rocky and Morris's family. I will pray to make sure they are happy at heaven, so don't worry too much. Ok? Rocky and Morris, you guys are so gorgeous looking in this life, I am sure a lots of girls love you a lot in the doggies heaven same like here. Rest in peace.

Rafv and Ryoko

Jennifer said...

Sorry about that...

Rocky and Morris will be remembered and live in the hearts of everyone who loved them.

Huskee Boy said...

Condolences to both Rocky and Morris' family.. Both Rocky and Morris are in doggy heaven with each other for company and playmates.. I am sure they look back at the time that they spent on earth with their respective families with many fond memories and funny stories to share with each other.

Loving licks,
Huskee Boy

Tigerkiller said...

Bear and myself was very sad to learn of their passing.

But we're both sure they're in a better place then this one.

Sam I Am said...

I'm so sorry for you loss , It's never easy, Our deepest sympathies to you and your family,

Lot's of Lick's

Marty said...

thanks to you all for your comments on Rocky and Morris, I still miss Rocky very much but he sure has earned a rest and a visit with all his good bull terrier friends that have gone before him

I am sure Terry still misses Morris as much as I do Rocky and a very nice email friend created a stained glass window pic of Rocky as a gift, one I will cherish forever

I thank Vivian so much for adding a memorial for Rocky and Morris and Madison says to say hello to you all

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I've found a way to send condolences to Terry and family. I was in tears to hear of Morris's passing but still have tears of hysteria when I read your book. I have an EBT x border collie and his antics mirror Morris's. All the very best to you and yours. Love the Williamson family and Leo.