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Monday, July 24, 2006

My 2 friends, Huskee and Max came to visit

What a weekend – 2 guests visited me (one I had not seen for a looooooooong time and one complete stranger).

Huskee (my Little Big Brother). This is Huskee’s 2nd visit to my house. He was kept busy by his nose – smelling the carpet (Yes, Huskee, the smell are from friends who visit me regularly).

He was so excited. Can’t keep still. You can see from the picture – he wants to wander off again

Look at that cheeky face. He pee-ed on my doggy bank

Below picture is my piggy (no my doggie) bank (doesn’t he look so much like me – how can anyone mark my ‘twin’). Huskee, don’t tell anyone but I pee-ed over yours hahaha.

Now, for my 2nd guest. He is Max (pretty common name in the doggy world). Max is 5months old and he is indeed a very lucky dog. He was adopted from ASD.

Before coming to my house, mom thought it was a good idea to introduce us and see how we take to each other, so she took me to Max’s house.

"Hello Max, I am Scuba. Really nice meeting you".

We hit it off real well. After ‘inspecting’ each other, we even had a game of football (we both can’t decide who was going to be the goalkeeper)

Talking about energy, Max is so full of it. I was exhausted and he still wants to play.

"Hey go ask the maid to get me some water please"

He does look skinny and I made no qualms for telling him that. I said " you look a wee bit skinny. Better get you over to my place for fattening.

That's us at the end of the day


Joey said...

Scubs.. how can you guys play football without calling me!!!!!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Sorry Joey. This was impromptu. Like I said, mom just wanted to see how we 'behaved'

I will make sure that mom (will suffer) by throwing / kicking the ball for you - for the whole week

ice said...

Max looks thinner than my brother.

Huskee Boy said...

Everyone, DO NoT be deceived by Max. He may look skinny, but he has loads of pent up energy that he chose (unfortunately) to release when we were at Scuba's place.
He was chasing me round and round and and round and round (ok, you got the picture) around the dining table.. Lucky thing Scub's mom rescued me in time..(Thanks Aunty V)!

* Scubs, I really like ur doggy bank (especially the contents since I'd need a lot of those things called money to get presents for my mama, The Maid, Grandmama, MYSELF, etc..)

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Wow Huskee that is a lot of people to buy presents for (not sure if I got that much inside the doggie bank. I know you mom and dad got expensive taste).