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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Cakes, flowers, presents, treats and all things nice

A birthday is the date on which a person was born. It is customary in many cultures (including the doggie culture) to celebrate the anniversary of one's birthday in some way, for example by having a birthday party with friends in which gifts are given. It is also customary to treat someone especially well and generally accede to their wishes on their birthday.

Talking about gifts, I had loads of nice gifts on my birthday. Because of my breed, I love chewing and you can see from the video which gift is most sort after

My mom tried to give me this sashimi treat (even open it) and I am not interested. I prefer the Dingo bone.

My mom was also thrill with her gifts. A particular someone (who truly love the both of us), gave mom ‘some kind of a pony’.


She has been asking “how do I maintain this?” Everyone said “give the pony a brush every time Scuba has one”. At first, I almost died. The thought of me having competition at home was too much but ‘NEIGH’. Then the other thing that cross my mind was going to bed with a female horse (I am not sure about the sex of this thing and am assuming it is female), would give me nightMAREs.

When I got introduce to this ‘animal’, I was so relieved. It was a handbag (or purse, since the particular someone is American) made of pony hair. I thought pony or horses, pull carriages but this one has a COACH tied to it. Auntie G said the hair comes from the pony’s tail (phew my hair is short. Look out all you long hair dogs).

presents and cakes 001

This is a better picture in the website

coach chelsea pony satchel


Anonymous said...

hey hey hey.. Your mum got a nice bag! No more stock in Singapore.. Mum told me.. Good choice! to particular someone who are so nice to both of you!! (hehe, I know who is this gentle man!)



Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My mom had pony hair shoes - HAD - til I ate them. it tastes good!

Bussie Kissies

Herbie said...

buster: what an expensive snack you had!

Scuba, you're tagged, read my blog.