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Wednesday, January 03, 2007



Let me start the New Year, by dedicating my first post to my purrfect siblings - Ginger and Pepper (aka The Spice in my Life).

Unfortunately, not all cats and dogs can get along with each other. Some cats and dogs do become best buddies, while some just tolerate each other, or they don't get along at all.

Many have said that the terrier group (i.e. ME the Minaiature English Bull Terrier), have an instinctual drive to chase and attack. You will not see this happening in our house. Ginger, Pepper and I do play, eat and sleep together.

For tolerance, Ginger and Pepper do tolerate my friends when they come over. In fact, they do mingle amongst us. BRAVO to them. Those who know my two Jack Russel friends, Jack and Joey. They are after all Ginger's godbrother.
Let's not forget Pepper, he is Rafv's play mate. They will chase and tease each other whole day.
And because of them, Herbie has overcome his fear of felines.

I want to thank my siblings for teaching me RESPECT and TOLERANCE. I love you both very much.

A little trivial about cats and dogs:
Where do you think the phrase – ‘Raining cats and dogs’ come from?
Cats and Dogs were assigned as companions to the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.
The cats and dogs in ancient Egyptian mythology are associated with the climate.
The cat was associated with rain, while dogs were associated with wind. A really heavy storm, which combined lashing strong winds and torrential down-pouring rain, indicated that both cats and dogs had a hand in the storm, i.e., it was raining cats and dogs!

The English version was; In the early 17th century London, cats and dogs often did their mice-hunting on the rooftops of buildings. It certainly does rain a lot in London, and the poor animals were sometimes caught there during a storm, to be washed from the rooftops, over the eaves, and to fall on the top of startled passersby.

We promise all our friends in Singapore and Malaysia, we have nothing to do with the recent whether.

All three of us in the family would like to wish all our friends

May 2007 be PURRFECT (from Ginger and Pepper)
and for all who are investing their monies, may 2007 be a BULLish year (from me the BULL terrier)

Love from
ginger2 Scubapepper3
Ginger, Scuba and Pepper


Anonymous said...

Aw Scubs you softie!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Scuba. You and your cat siblings are cute. Where's diving the fish??

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Hi Scuba! Just popping in to say Hi!

You sound a real softie though!

Have a guid new Year as the Scots say, "when it comes" as the Scots say up here.

Muscle on Muscle Boy!

love and many licks Marvn xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

dear scuba,

now you've brought a tear to my eyes. i was just thinking about my older sibings and wondering if i will ever see any of them again. it's kind of lonely being an only child...


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy New Year Scuba!

love from Rainy Scotland!

Marvin xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Scuba! Hope you and your siblings have a great year!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Justin said...

hey, my dogs n cats are buddies too! they love to play n sleep together.

And hey, just check this out Dog Of The Week Contest!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Scuba.
What a very handsome picture of you, you lovely bt pin-up!

Justin said...

hey, where are you?? no news from ou for a long time!! just came to tell you about the Dog Of The Week Contest! The
results are aleady out for the previous week.
check it out.

Anonymous said...

Cuuuuba cuuuuba, I got your boootiful photo frame, I did a DIVAish pose on my blog, THANK YOU THANK YOU, and it's even in my favouritest colour PINK!!


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

My mom is so busy with work that she is hogging the laptop.

Can anyone give me an idea on how I can take it away from her.

Justin - so sorry

Ms Sunshade - I don't have a nice pic of you and me so just got to print it out (putting us together).
Glad you like it. My mom's car is now 'Pawtected'